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A Right to Reply: Kassim Afegbua, a Failed Attempt to Dodge Reality

...the blind showing the way

 By Hon. Dave Osakpolor

How easy it was for Kassim Afegbua to put together a political diatribe, in a dubious attempt to push over the failures of his APC-led Federal Government unto Governor Godwin Obaseki. His willingness to sacrifice truth on the alter of party differences is not only irritating but disenchanting. All of which clearly points to the quality of his personality, values and political ethics.

If truth must be told, these roads are Federal Roads and constitutionally under the exclusive purview of the Federal Government.

With the paucity of available funds, dwindling national revenue and wide spread poverty, occasioned by the clueless policy direction of the APC-led Federal Government. One would expect a responsible state government to give priorities to area of cogent primary concerns.

Godwin Obaseki, having felt the pains of the people cannot even intervene with palliative measures on this roads. Because the federal government have stated explicitly, that these roads are under contract. And there are preponderance of evidence to show that these contracts have been awarded and paid for by the federal government, yet Edo people are not seeing the results.

We all admit that the roads are in a terrible shape, but Kassim Afegbua is obviously feeding on the misdeeds of the federal government in an attempt to put Governor Obaseki in bad light. 
Quite unfortunate, that a former commissioner of information is now peddling half baked information to unsuspecting public to please his new pay-masters.

Every citizen desirous of a sustainable democracy must join hands with the state Governor to demand that the right thing be done with regards to rehabilitation of these roads.

But for Oga Kassim and his cohorts, it's all politics. Blackmail is cheap. They'll rather bite their nose inorder to spite their face. They'll rather cheer and encourage the federal government as it engages in willful neglect of its constitutional duties, just to put the state government in bad shape.

They advance this laughable argument that the state government, irrespective of any circumstance, ought to consistently spend it's meagre resources, lavishly on federal roads. Thereafter wait and pray for refund. 
If every state Governor should take preeminent control fo the federal government responsibility in its state... What then will the federal government be doing??
Oga Kassim... Na Wa ooo. This your Okpella voice shouldn't be used for criticism alone. Please take time to also lend it to productive advocacy.

I dare say, that if the chief occupant of Osadebe Avenue (Government House) was from Edo North, Kassim would have found it practically impossible to find his voice. 
While Clem Agba the erstwhile Minister and his new ally, Adams Oshiomole both held sway at the FCT, what was Kassim's advocacy about the deplorable state of Benin-Ekpoma- Auchi-Abuja Express way, same road that links his village to the world. 

Oga Kassim, conscientiously attacking the Benins in power will do you no good. 

Those closest to the federal government are the so-called APC Chieftains. Let them use their influence to nudge the Federal Government into action. Let them demand that the right thing be done. We're in this together irrespective of party affiliations.

 *Hon. Dave Osakpolor
 _Edo PDP Unity Group_

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