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Joe Biden's son Hunter kicked out of $10K s3x club for 'gr*bbing women's ass3s and acting like a sp0iled child' - Club founder

Joe Biden

US president, Joe Biden's son, Hunter got kicked out of a private s3x club for “gr*bbing women’s a**es” and acting “like a spoiled child,” the founder of the club has revealed.


‘’The president’s troubled son is “a really bad guy — not a good person. He’s just not,” said Damon Lawner, who founded the SNCTM s3x club, where membership runs as high as $75,000 a year.

Lawner also revealed Hunter’s $10,000 payment led to him receiving an IRS subpoena.

Lawner claimed that the payment was made through a mystery woman in 2018 and that he was later informed of a probe by the IRS criminal division who asked him "about book-keeping and records.”


Joe Biden

Lawner said he decided to disclose Biden’s sex club membership after Biden was given a simple plea deal case last week Tuesday in an income tax and a gun case after a five-year federal investigation.

The 10k fee, Lawner said, was made through an LLC that hid Hunter’s name and paid by a mystery woman who accompanied the president’s son to the club.

Sometime in 2018, Lawner said, the woman applied for membership in the upscale sex club. The woman told Lawner, who approved all memberships, that she would be accompanied by a handsome man.

When Lawner requested more information, she would only state that his “name was Hunter and that he was a member of a prominent political family.”

Lawner claimed that on the first and only visit, Hunter acted so rude to upscale female members “grabbing women’s asses” and other behavior that went against the club’s rules. Lawner said he had to ask Biden to leave and banned him from future events.

One of the club rules at SNCTM was “always ask before you touch,” Lawner said.

“When I told Hunter he had to leave, that people were complaining about his behavior, he was belligerent and acted like a spoiled child. But he did leave.”

At the time of Biden’s visit, Lawner said he still wasn’t certain who he was or which prominent family belonged to


It was only when The Washington Post broke the story last year of Hunter’s laptop which contains, among other things, pornographic photos of the first son and women, as well as pictures of him doing drugs and even proof of payments to prostitutes, that Lawner saw Hunter’s photo for the first time and realized he was the alleged stoned guy who had been banned from the club.

Since SNCTM’s 2013 founding, “only five men have been ordered to leave and were blacklisted,” Lawner noted.

After Hunter reached a plea deal with federal prosecutors on Tuesday, igniting a firestorm of criticism by Republicans and some Democrats that he was handed a “sweetheart deal” — Lawner took to Instagram, revealing that Biden had been a member, very briefly, of his club.


“Hunter was a member of SNCTM and I cancelled his membership after 1 party because he’s a scumbag,” he wrote in the since deleted post.


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