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Governor Obaseki has set the bar of governance so high, successor must be able to sustain devt trajectory

It's a well known fact that Governor Obaseki has set the bar incredibly high in terms of governance in Edo state. His tenure as Governor has demonstrated that wisdom and selflessness are key attributes required to hold this exalted office and excel in it.

Governor Obaseki has shown us that governance is not just about winning elections or securing power, but it is about serving the people of the state and taking bold steps towards advancing their welfare. His administration has placed a high priority on education, healthcare, and infrastructure development, with a particular focus on rural areas that have been long neglected.

Edo state has witnessed the positive impact of Governor Obaseki's policies and strategies over the past four years. The state has witnessed significant improvements in its healthcare system, with the construction and renovation of several primary health centers and the procurement of modern medical equipment. The government has also invested significantly in the education sector, with the introduction of the Edo Basic Education Sector Transformation (EdoBEST) program that has revolutionized the sector and drawn commendation from across the country.

His administration has prioritized infrastructure development, with the completion of several road projects and the construction of the Edo Innovation Hub, aimed at promoting technology and innovation in the state.

Governor Obaseki's achievement in governance has set the standard for the next Governor of Edo state. It has shown that the choice of a competent and selfless leader is essential in the development of any state. I firmly believe that the people of Edo state will not settle for any candidate without the requisite competence, come 2024. They have seen the impact of good governance and will demand only the best candidate to continue the work that has been started.

I believe that the next Governor of Edo state must be someone who shares the same vision and commitment to excellence as Governor Obaseki. That person must have a keen understanding of the issues facing the state and the ability to formulate and implement policies that will address these issues effectively.

It is also crucial that the next Governor is someone with a proven track record of selflessness and public service. Serving as Governor of a state like Edo requires a significant level of commitment and dedication to the people. The next Governor must be willing to put the interests of the people above their personal interests and work tirelessly to advance the welfare of the people.

Governor Obaseki has raised the bar so high in governance that the people of Edo state cannot settle for anything less than the best candidate in 2024. The next Governor must possess the requisite competence, wisdom, and selflessness to continue the good work that has been started. 

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