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Architect Narrates How Nigerian Pastor Allegedly Destroyed His 18 Years Marriage With ‘Fake Prophecies Of Death’

Not only did he destroy my lovely marriage, but he also used fake prophecies to extort my family and in-laws to the tune of N850,000 while being aided by some corrupt policemen, Ameh said.


A Nigerian man identified as Mr Joseph Ameh, who is an architect has made some accusations against Mr Israel Angel Ogaga, the founder of Testimony Champions City.

The architect is accusing the cleric of destroying his 25-year-old marriage with fake prophecies about his wife and children.

Ameh, who has been battling with the trauma of losing his wife, Okpuzor Rosemary and children, alleged that Ogaga engaged the services of some police officers from Delta State Command to hound and extort him for crying out to Nigerians about the activities of the ‘fake Man of God’.

Not only did he destroy my lovely marriage, but he also used fake prophecies to extort my family and in-laws to the tune of N850,000 while being aided by some corrupt policemen, Ameh said. 

Narrating his ordeal to SaharaReporters, Ameh alleged that Pastor Ogaga ruined so many families in Asaba, Delta state, Southern Nigeria with fake prophecies.

Vowing not to rest until the alleged atrocities of Ogaga are exposed, he said, “This strange prophet met my spouse through one of his members (agents) called Rose Igwe. The said Igwe gave him her family's details including the wealth of her elder sister Anthonia living in the United Kingdom (UK).

“Being of Anglican faith and a responsible God-fearing woman who used to advise friends against these ‘Endtime prophets’, she first refused to attend this Testimony Champions City till Rose Igwe pressured her to give it a try.

“One fateful day, she followed Mrs Igwe to Ogaga’s Testimony Champions City with my children. Shocking to her belief, on arrival the strange prophet said ‘there is a woman here that drove in a Nissan Primera. If that woman did not come here today, she would have died in a motor accident. She has to wait to see me.’

“On meeting him (the preacher) after the service with my children, he told her that as she had a misunderstanding with her husband and if she returned to her matrimonial home, one person would die within three days.”

Ameh said at that time, he had settled a misunderstanding he had had with his wife.

“However, having hoodwinked my wife with the ‘doom fake prophecy’, he now told her that I am her ‘boyfriend’ and not husband. He further told her she had a calling from God. God does not call anybody through anybody. When God calls you, it's a direct call. He told her that her husband was a hindrance to her greatness,” he said.

He said the preacher referred to him as a boyfriend even though he had had “over 25 years of courtship and marriage with his spouse, blessed with three brilliant children while the fake prophet at age about 53 had mere five years of marriage that he had not been able to spiritually or physically make himself or wife fruitful”.

The architect said out of the 25 years, he had been married for 18 years. 

Ameh alleged that following the preacher’s ‘prophecy of doom, death and destruction’, her wife returned the bride price he paid and described the action as a process of getting help from God.

My Futile Attempt To See Ogaga

He said, “When I was summoned to the palace, my children informed me about the fake prophet’s prophecy which they said was the reason their mother was acting that way. They said their mother was in deep fear based on the prophecy that she would die if certain things were not done immediately.

“On the strength of this information from my children, I went to Testimony Champions City in an attempt to see the prophet. I was asked to undergo deliverance as a process of seeing him which I subjected myself to. His senior pastor called Chuks touched my head.

“I queued to see him and I was number six on the list because I wanted to find out a solution to his acclaimed prophecy on my wife. When it was my turn to see him, a lady walked in to reveal my identity. I was suddenly asked to wait. His usher came out and told me the prophet could not attend to me without providing any reason. They called the next person – number seven. By this time my spouse was yet to drop her bride price.”

Continuing he said while he was trying to leave the church, he saw her spouse standing and he approached her but a pastor identified as Maurine prevented him from talking to her.

“They guard their victims against anybody perceived as capable of rescuing them. Now, they have found a high target of wealthy females to extort, which they finally did to the tune of over N850,000,” he said.

After he was allegedly prevented from seeing his wife and having access to see the cleric, Ameh said he lodged official complaints to the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and the President of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN). He noted that PFN referred him to their chairman in Delta State, Bishop Dave Eyowel.

“After narrating my ordeal to him, they ran a membership check on their register and discovered he is a freelancer and cannot be regulated by any Christian body.

“He sent him a text message and also called the cleric who responded to both with a promise to see the bishop but he never did because he had caught a family ‘mugu’ and had no regard for the effect of destroying another man's family.

“After that, I returned to his church several times and realised at that point that he was not a servant of God and his intention was not genuine. Instead, he would have seen me; at least, I’m the husband of the woman he gave a prophecy of death.

“On my last visit to the place, I gave my phone number to his senior pastor Chuks to give him since they said they do not give out their prophet’s phone number. This time I told them that after one week if I did not hear from him (pastor) to explain his prophecy that was on the verge of destroying my home, I would go public.

“At the expiration of the one-week notice, I wrote my ordeal on my Facebook page. He now petitioned against me using one Superintendent of Police, Francis Ituah and his subordinate Inspector Rachael Obi. They arrested and detained me for two days at the Delta police command. I was bailed at a cost of N112,000 and it did not end there,” he stated.

He explained that in the petition, Ogaga claimed that he didn't know his wife. “On the contrary, I tendered WhatsApp messages which my wife had sent to me admitting going to Ogaga’s church to obtain prayer points and the fake prayers for her.”

Ameh said while he was in police detention, Ogaga never appeared at the police station to write a statement. “Taken on bail, the prophet continued to go after me with two of his pastors, one Azuka Michaels that used to head a vigilante group and Mr Obiora Chinedu that paid N600,000 to the police to detain me.”

He further said, “The IPO of the case one Inspector Rachael Obi following his boss’s instruction continued to call me to pay the money to settle with the pastor. She threatened to arrest me in the far north where I would not find any civil servant of the standing required for my bail and that she can arraign me before a magistrate court that has no jurisdiction to hear a charge they will proffer against me and the court will remand me in prison. Later I paid N100,000.”

Ameh also alleged that his wife and children were being manipulated to go against him, adding that his wife had been struggling to sell off all his landed property while his daughters had been brainwashed to abandon their education to travel abroad.

Manipulation To Sell My Land To Enhance Church

He said, “In April 2022, she started making attempts to return to her matrimonial home and because I knew she was being manipulated, I threatened her gently and opened doors for her but she came up with the issue of selling my plot of 100 by 100 at the town planners’ estate as seed to the church. The kids informed me that the prophet who claimed not to know my spouse had rented a space for her to use as a church building at Agbor.

“When I refused to allow her to sell the property, she was directed to State CID again to report a threat to life. I was invited again and answered the police call. I also petitioned the acclaimed prophet and police commissioner. For three months, Ogaga refused to honour the police invitation to my petition. Instead, he petitioned Zone 5 with the aid of his police collaborators so that the case will be transferred.

“On the day scheduled to see the deputy commissioner and also receive my daughter's passport illegally acquired by cancelling her original passport valid till 2025, which the fake prophet was aiding my spouse to confiscate from me using some policemen, I was informed by the IPO of the case, one Inspector Ola of firearms division that the case had been transferred. He said that a female Inspector called Angela called. I demanded the details of whom to meet because there had been a plan to abduct my daughter without my consent involving the prophet in what he calls spiritual and technical guidance.

He, however, begged the Nigeria Police Force to caution their men allegedly conniving with the cleric to destroy his family, adding that should anything happen to him, Ogaga and his police collaborators should be held responsible.

When contacted, the Founder of the Testimony Champions City, Prophet Ogaga denied the accusations but declined to speak further.

Also, efforts to speak with the Delta State Police Command were unsuccessful as the command’s spokesperson, DSP Bright Edafe did not answer calls from SaharaReporters.


Source: SaharaReporters



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