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Obaseki is Governor till Nov 12, 2024, opposition impeachment plans have drowned with them

By Ik Osamede

Governor Obaseki's party, the PDP has won majority seats in the State House of Assembly elections. The March 18, 2023 election has brought to the front burner three key facts:

1. Oshiomhole is not God
2. Edo people are grateful for the development under Governor Obaseki
3. Edo people have a mind of their own

When the presidential election came, Governor Godwin Obaseki gave every party a level playing field and did not tamper with any votes. His moral rectitude like I mentioned in a viral article few weeks back will be rewarded. Very few Governors are like that. Unlike states such as Rivers and Bayelsa. In this life, it is good to be good. 

When the state House of Assembly elections came, Oshiomhole said this was his opportunity to emplace runaway stooges in the House of Assembly inorder to impeach Governor Obaseki and fulfill his long time hate for the performing Governor. On the eve of the election, Oshiomhole came out of his hole to spew diatribes against Governor Obaseki in a more than 10-minute hateful rant. I could not deduce substance from his talk other than pure bile. I knew the video would  do APC more harm than good (like the Tinubu Edo election video) because Edo people could see through his desperation.

APC churned out more propaganda to deceive the electorates than they did even for the 2020 elections. They forgot Edo people are the most intelligent people on Earth, able to decipher truth from fiction.

What was Governor Obaseki's response? Governor Obaseki said his achievements will speak for him. And today, his achievements of being the highest minimum wage payer in Nigeria has spoken; his visionary leadership has spoken; his prompt payment of salaries, gratuities, pension have all spoken; his love for the people without telling them to 'go and die' has spoken; his massive investment drive has spoken; his numerous road projects, civil service and education reforms have spoken. 

Governor Godwin Nogheghase Obaseki is Governor till November 12, 2024. He will serve his two constitutional terms successfully without let or hindrance. To God be the glory.

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