Esan people, Adams Oshiomole and implications for 2024 Esan Agenda

By Ehizojie Abhulimen

Now that the February 25, 2023 general election has been won and lost, the Esan people should have a think of their new alliance with Adams Oshiomole.

In the past, elections in Edo Central have been largely won by the PDP. This is why many consider it as a stronghold of the PDP in Edo State politics. Thanks to our fair and just political leader, late Chief Tony Anenih. 

It is no longer news that the old structure of the PDP popularly referred to as the legacy group used as excuse, their disagreement with the new PDP group led by Governor Godwin Obaseki to deliver more votes to the APC. 

As we prepare for the March 11 state assembly elections, the questions that we, the Edo Central people must reflect on and provide honest answers to are: 

1. Will an Adams Ali Eric Oshiomole help the Edo Central achieve the 2024 Esan Agenda to produce who becomes the next Governor of Edo State, considering how the same Oshiomole disregarded and treated our political icon, late Tony Anenih after our late Anenih helped him (Oshiomole) reclaimed his mandate to serve as governor for 8 years? 

2. Is it still news to us in Edo Central that Oshiomole has his candidate for the APC for the 2024 govenorship election in the person of the Minister for State for Budget and Economy Planning, Prince Clem Agba, his brother from Edo North? 

3. Have we easily forgotten how Adams Oshiomole treated and disrespected our revered traditional rulers in Esanland who were bold enough to stand against his dictatorial behaviours during elections when he was governor? It took an Obaseki as governor to restore the sanctity and dignity to the traditional institution in Esanland. 

4. Are we not aware of the plans by Oshiomole to ensure that the APC gets more candidates for the APC elected to the State House of Assembly in the Saturday, March 11 election to achieve his goal of impeaching Governor Obaseki and recrowning himself as a godfather? 

5. If we helped Oshiomole to achieve this and he goes ahead with these plans secondary and he succeeds in removing Governor Obaseki, will an Oshiomole who during his time as governor never supported an Esan man to be speaker in the state assembly, allow us to produce the next governor after getting Obaseki impeached? 

It is not too late to re-strategise and ensure we work to deliver the PDP candidates for the State Assembly elections. This will send a strong message to Governor Obaseki and Adams Oshiomole that we are independent people that know what we want politically.

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