Edo people rejecting APC and voting PDP this Saturday is the best option

Edo people rejecting APC and voting PDP this Saturday is the best option

Dear Edo people,

Do you remember your representatives at the Edo State House of Assembly who won seats to represent your constituency during the 2019 House of Assembly elections and absconded, denying you quality representation at the House?

Do you know that those same people are being repackaged and recycled by the APC to come a second time and deny you same representation?

Let me tell you exactly what happened.

Those self-serving and avaricious persons were mere puppets under the control of the Iyamho godfather who denied them the opportunity to be inaugurated for his own selfish and political reasons. Without considering the interest of the people who voted them into office and in a shocking display of disrespect for the law and their constituents, formed an illegal, parallel House of Assembly, and engaged in a senseless power tussle with the Governor. They never came back to be inaugurated, rather preferred to enjoy luxury and philandering at a popular hotel in Abuja, at the expense of their constituents.

Four years after, these same individuals have the audacity to come back to run for office on the orders of their godfather. Dem thin k say we be mumu abi? *They believe they can flagrantly disregard us, deny us representation, and then return to contest elections when it suits them? No way! Our mumu done do!! We will reject them because they first rejected and abandoned us.*
We cannot be deceived by their deceitful tactics and cowardice. We must vote against these APC candidates, who are nothing but mere puppets controlled by their godfathers. In fact, with their Lagos godfather, Thiefnubu, having manipulated his way to the presidency against the will of the people, their pride and ego will be like never before. We must never give them the opportunity to ridicule and fool us again. Let’s choose candidates who are ready and willing to serve. Let’s us vote for the PDP candidates in the upcoming House of Assembly election on March 11th.

The PDP candidates are passionate about Edo and its future. They are committed to fighting for the rights, freedoms, and dignity of every Edo citizen. They are respectful of the law and will work to implement policies that align with the will of the people.

We must never allow these selfish and corrupt politicians to win again. We must stand firm in our resolve to do what is right for Edo. Vote for the PDP candidates on March 11th, and let us collectively work towards a brighter future for our beloved state. Vote PDP, Vote Progress!!

Eweka Emokpae, a concerned citizen writes from Benin

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