Edo and the lion's den


I am sure by now, you will be wondering why the female lions gang up to attack the male Lion in this picture?

The picture you are looking at is a scenario of a male Lion trying to invade a Lions Pride.

If the male Lion succeeds, the first thing the male Lion will do is to kill all the Lionesses Cobs so that all the female Lions will fall back to heat and accept his advances.

The only chance of survival for the Lion Cubs is for the Lionesses to team up and defend thier Pride alongside the Lion king. 

The same thing is applicable to Edo State politics situation today. 
Think of it, opposition party wants to wins the State House of Assembly elections at all cost, so they gang up and attack the government of the PDP with all sort of public misinformation. 

Their primary goal is to disrupt the projects and economic stability of Edo State, misinform the Citizens so as to get the masses sympathy against a government who is working tirelessly to help secure a brighter Future for Edo State. 

Should their evil agenda succeed, these projects likened to the Lionesses Cobs in the Pride will be killed ( *abandoned projects* ) because of thier cluelessness to the vision of the Governor Godwin Obaseki Led administration.If the opposition assumably succeed, it once again be a case of *All Promise Cancelled* (if you don't gerit, then fogerit). 😊

Off The ~#40,000.00~ minimum wage gone because they will not know how his Excellency is managing to pay worker the sum and as of when due (26th of every month). Workers will be owed arrears, God knows how many months. As usual, pensioniars may not be paid, Edo State will slide back to agbero government.

So many ongoing projects of Governor Godwin Obaseki Led administration will be put to a halt.

*May God forbid BAT-THING, say Amen*.

When his Excellency *Governor Godwin Obaseki* took over Leadership of Edo State, he was handed a state with road but no working street light. With the street lights system all down, due to the high cost of diesel fueling, Rather than abandoning the street light project or Keep sinking Edo State tax payers money into diesel fueling, his Excellency took it upon himself to have them all replaced with solar street lighting system.

Today; all roads motorable with street lights are plowable at night because of the solar light system installed by his Excellency's.This is a prof of his Excellency's administrative know-how.

Another instance in Auchi Edo State is the Edo Chemical and Fertilizer plant, in Auchi. As of the time his Excellency assumed Edo State Leadership, the plant was not producing. Today; it's not only producing to meet up farmers expectations in the farming season, it is now marketing it's fertilizer products to other parts of the Nation thereby creating value and jobs (directly/ indirectly) for the locals and her environs.

The Governor Godwin Obaseki Led administration focuses on economic value base Leadership as well as human capacity development.

When it comes to infrastructural, past administration solely focused on this aspect of development, notably rehabilitation and construction of road networks. 

Of course this is a remarkable development, but a situation whereby the road lacks the lighting system at night because the street lights are broken down is a subject matter worth review.

Solar light panels are more efficient and economically friendly in the long run. This is the reason why his Excellency Governor Godwin Obaseki opted for this option. 

This is how Governor Godwin Obaseki adds value to leadership and the people.

The Erosion hazard Auchi has been suffering was tackled by past administration, but certain sensitive parts of the Erosion control was left unchecked thereby destroying part of the Erosion work already constructed by previous administrations.

Like a good Leader will act, His Excellency is didn't neglect the project because he was not the one who initiated it.
Rather In other to save the situation, Governor Godwin Obaseki Re-channelled the drainage system in Igbe, Akpekpe and Utsgon as well as to remodel the Public field into a Standard Football Mini Stadium capable of hosting world class sporting events.

It is not a hype when I say his Excellency is administratively way into future of Edo State, because this administration is always thinking outside the scope for the betterment of Edo citizens.

My dear brothers and sisters of Edo decent resident in Edo State either as a result of marriage, jobs/ occupation, business or by birth, we are all in this Lion Pride called Edo State together, when we allow another political Party to take over (invade) Edo State, it means the Lion invaders will distrupt the scheme of the Pride making the Lionesses Cobs open to attack. 

Please Let this be a serious wake-up call to all party faithfuls. It is better to have something fighting over than to team up with the invading force, hoping for the best when they takeover, only to find at the end, *all promises Cancelled at the end of the tunnel*.

Be rest assured that teaming with opposition to conspire against your political party dose not free you from the stigma the opposition is fighting, he will still treat you like the Lions he invaded eventually, take this advice very seriously.

Who will then take care of Edo Pensioniars outstanding of over 37 years arrears which Governor Godwin Obaseki is currently paying?

Who will pay Edo civil servants the highest minimum wage of N40,000 as of when due?

Who will sustain the 55MW Ossiomo power plant project and upgrade it into a power plant capable of self sustaining Edo State with 24hrs electricity service?

It will be back to square one, *all promises Cancelled.* I repeat, God forbid BAT-THING, say Amen.

On like previous administrations, the Governor Godwin Obaseki Led administration did not abandoned the project that were uncompleted by previous government administration, he rather completed them and added value to Edo State economy making it one of the most functional economic State is Nigeria.

Everything in this writeup are subject to verification, you can go verify yourself. Therefore before you castigate this writeup, ask if these facts are verifiable. 

So what should we now do like the Lions Park? We defend Edo State from any invading force, *SIMPLE*. The best defense mechanism is to troop out and vote for all PDP House of Assembly Candidates to make Edo State better.

APC is synonymous with salary arrears, go to any state they are ruling today and find out. *They like agbero well well*, very soon God forbid, abgeros will take over ring road again, they don't like things in orderly fashion, and cannot stomach orderliness, just take a look at their campaign Rally, it speaks for itself. 

Truth is bitter, we cannot afford to slide Edo State back into a cave man era, were our fathers and mother's in civil service will work and at the end of the month go home to give thier families excuses of salary arrears. 

This was the situation responsible for the total administrative structural breakdown in the Edo State civil service before his Excellency Governor Godwin Obaseki took over Leadership. Today all that have changed for the better.

This change can be trickled down to the Local government whereby you can work into any local government secretariat and meet a seating local government Chairman seated in office by 10am in the morning and will wait till the closing work hour unless there is an emergency situation that will warrant his emergency leave of office.

The legacy of Governor Godwin Obaseki is endless, and this platform will not be enough to enumerate all.

In conclusion, next week Saturday is State House of Assembly elections, I want to use this medium to once again appeal to all well meaning Edo State citizens to troop out in mass to support His Excellency's good work by voting for PDP candidates in The Edo State House of Assembly elections.

It's important we ensure that the leadership of his Excellency is further consolidated, this will enable his Excellency to function more effectively and most importantly, all constituencies collective interest are well represented in the Anthony Enahoro Chambers of Edo State House of Assembly.

Vote all PDP Candidates let's join hands to make Edo State collectively Great Again.

Thank you, May God continue to bless Edo State Leadership.

Hon. Azeez Ozoboile Alasan

National Coordinator

Atiku People's Vanguard APV

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