BREAKING: INEC obeys final Supreme Court order, publishes Governor Obaseki's candidates (PROOF)
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BREAKING: INEC obeys final Supreme Court order, publishes Governor Obaseki's candidates (PROOF)

Ik  Osamede Media can confidently report at this hour that the electoral body (INEC) has obeyed the Supreme Court judgement that granted Governor Obaseki loyalists victory in the delegates election and candidate primaries that took place some months ago. 

Recall that we reported that the electoral body will obey the Supreme Court verdict because in that judgement the Court clearly stated that the decision as to who the party's delegates are is the sole prerogative of that party. They stated that it is the job of the National body to speak to matters like this and not that of the Court to determine who the party delegates or candidate are. 

With this judgement it was clear that it was only a matter of time for the electoral body to duly publish the names of the Governor's faction. Because of the weekend and the public holiday of yesterday, the publishing of the names was pushed to today. A visit to INEC offices at both their headquarters and their various LGA offices will prove that they have duly obeyed the court order. INEC obedience to the court order proves that the Supreme Court judgement is a valid one in line with the Nigerian Constitution and the newly passed electoral act.

Recall also that some months ago the national body of the PDP sent individuals from Abuja who would conduct the delegates election and they did the election which produced the Governor's delegates and they also returned to Abuja to submit their report after conducting that of the Governor's faction. The national body of the PDP also issued certificates of return to the Candidates from the Governor's faction. This was the final blow to the other faction that sealed their defeat as the party at the national level sided with Governor Godwin Obaseki.

According to the Supreme Court, INEC as a body cannot conduct a party's delegate election. Only that party has the responsibility of conducting the election. The only election that INEC can conduct is that of the general election between various political parties. When it comes to internal elections of a particular party, only the party has a right to conduct the election and determine who the winners are. And that is what the national body of the People's Democratic Party did which returned the delegates and candidates of Governor  Obaseki's faction respectively.

Now, below are the photos that shows proof that the Governor has indeed won the final battle.  Whatever case might still be in court will simply just be a walk-over because the Supreme Court cannot overrule its own decision.

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