Tour of the Ossiomo Power Plant Attracted to Edo By Governor Obaseki

Tour of the Ossiomo Power Plant Attracted to Edo By Governor Obaseki

To be sincere, I have never truly understood the capacity of the Ossiomo Power Plant which Governor Obaseki attracted to Edo State until we visited the facility recently on a tour by the Nigerian Union of Journalists (NUJ) led by Comrade Festus Alenkhe. I wrote several articles on the impact of the power plant but was unable to visit. I only monitored the stringing of the electric cables and the streetlights, machineries and buildings they powered.  To be honest, I was content. That was all that mattered — results. But that tour of the facility left me awestruck. Literally speechless. We were told the facility can produce 55MW of electricity. Enough to not just power the whole of Edo State but to also give power to other states.

We were told Ossiomo Power was being underutilized as the power she can generate most times are never used but wasted. Imagine with a 55MW facility, the load sometimes never exceeds 1%. We wondered what then was the reason the local power distribution company was still performing below average. I got the shock of my life. The problem was the Nigerian Constitution that says even though Governor Obaseki has achieved this monumental feat, he cannot by LAW power the whole of Edo State with 24 hour power supply. Hmmm. What Nigeria cannot achieve, Governor Obaseki has achieved. Some Edo residents still haven't been able to grasp the collosal brain power Governor Obaseki has. His thoughts, aspirations and plans are light-years ahead. But 'Nigeria laws'  still remains the problem. Even with all of the problems of the Constitution, a man with vision like Governor Obaseki has slightly maneuvered and made all Government buildings to use the 24 hour Power provided by Ossiomo. Infact, Ologbo communities too enjoy 24 hour Power supply. We pray from next year, when we elect a good president, Nigeria will abolish some of these useless laws so Edo people will enjoy 24 hour Power supply and truly appreciate Governor Obaseki. More to come.

Thank you Edo NUJ led by Comrade Festus Alenkhe and thank you Hon. Crusoe Osagie for the opportunity to tour the facility.

— Ikponmwosa Osamede

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