Edo govt will no longer allow the following irregularities in the school system

Edo govt will no longer allow the following irregularities in the school system

It is hereby announced for the information of the general public particularly parents
and private school managers, that beginning from 2022/2023 academic session, the Ministry of Education will no longer allow any form of irregularities in the school system.

The Edo State Ministry of Education is by this announcement directing all Public and Private Basic and Secondary Schools to ensure strict compliance to the following directives:

i. Primary Six (6) Class is compulsory in all Primary Sehools;
ii. Skipping of grade levels (classes) not acceptable;
ii. Total adherence to the use of the National curriculum;
iv. The Edo State Ministry of Education Uniform Scheme of Work now compulsory:
V. Total compliance to the Harmonized School Calendar of the Ministry
vi. Unqualified teachers not acceptable in Schools;
Vii. Transter Certilicate now a must for admission into classes;
vili. Only the Approved Textbooks are allowed for instructions in Schools;
ix. The use of upper-class textbooks for lower-class not allowed:
x. Under-staffing in schools not allowed
xi. Guidance Counselor or Para-Counselor now a must in schools, Social safeguarding Officer, now a must in schools
xii. Unegistered schools are to close immediately as government will no longer condole their substandard operation;
xiv. Sports and co-curricular activities now compulsory in schools;
Xv. Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) is compulsory for all schools;
xVI. All Schools are to commence the implementation of school-disarticulation Policy and heed to the 1:9:3:4 Structure of Education System.

Consequently, appropriate sanctions will be invoked on any defaulting school in
accordance with the provisions of the extant Laws/Acts governing Education in the State.

This is According to a public statement by
Mr. Gilbert Egwakhide Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Education, Edo State

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