The longest single road ever constructed by any Governor of Edo State, Aruogba-Obazagbon-Sapele Bypass road has been constructed by Governor Obaseki


By Ik Osamede

One must give credit to Governor Godwin Obaseki for his focus on delivering good governance to Edo people despite dwindling revenues from oil across the world and Nigeria.

In Edo State, the Governor has placed premium on road infrastructure as Edo State is witnessing a proliferation of road projects in the three Senatorial Districts of the State.

One of such roads that caught attention is the Irhirhi-Aruogba-Obazagbon-Sapele Bypass road which is the longest single road ever constructed by any governor of Edo State and is located in parts of Oredo and Ikpoba-Okha in Edo South. The extremely long road also has Spurs to Saint Saviour in Benin City.

The road has opened up many communities, helping the decongest the Benin City metropolis. 

The road is a testament that Governor Godwin Obaseki is godsent to Edo people.

A social media post by Facebook user, Akemokue Lukman contained the above testimonial including the fact that Governor Obaseki has not left any part of Edo State lagging behind in terms of infrastructural projects.

Read the transcript of the social media post below:

1. Irhirhi-Aruogba-Obazagbon-Sapele Bypass road (the longest single road ever constructed by any governor of Edo State)– Edo South

2. TV Road (a dual carriage way)–Edo South

3. Ekpoma Township Roads– Edo Central

4. Awain-Jagbe-Agbede road– Edo North

5. Okpella Township Roads– Edo North

6. And 504 other roads spread across the nooks and crannies of the state and too many to mention here.

7. Reconstruction & Remodeling of Public Service Work Environment and Building of a world class Public Service Academy.

8. A world class Innovation Hub

9. World Class College of Nursing Sciences

10. World Class College of Agriculture Iguoriakhi

11. Reconstruction & Remodeling of the moribund Benin Science & Technical College

12. College of Education, Abudu

13. Ossiomo Power Plant

14. Edo Modular Refinery

15. Edo Production Center

16. Cultivation of about 60,000 hectares of Palm Plantation, putting Edo on the world map as the Oil Palm Headquarters of Africa.

17. The list is endless jor.

MEGA Programme is real. 
Let him break the microphone for all I care


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