JUST IN: Drama As Pastor Fight Over Offerings

JUST IN: Drama As Pastor Fight Over Offerings

Drama As Pastor Fight Over Offerings
Sunday service at God’s own Apostolic Church was full of epic drama as a senior pastor, Apostle Dr Cletus Comma fought members over Sunday offerings.

We gathered that the fight started when the senior noticed that there was shortage of offerings compare with the number of members attending church service on Sunday.

After some of the members Left the church for their respective houses, the pastor approached Elder in charge of offerings department, and asked him to bring offerings for accountability, the elder then brought the offerings before the pastor, the pastor started count the offerings, after finished counting, he now called for attendance of the sunday’s service, after it was brought to him, the pastor add up the offerings, calculate how he, wife, children put, and started calling some people to know how much the put, from the pastor discovered that there are shortage of offerings.

However, the pastor approached Elder in charge of offerings secretly and asked him to say the truth about the offerings, where are the offerings, who and who steal the offerings, in respond the Elder said that, the pastor not supposed to ask him about the offerings because he is not the one that counting the offerings, he is only received what the counting department gave to him and sign, from there the pastor got angry with Elder, and end up fought each other, which the pastor’s wife join with the husband and beat the elder to coma.

According in the church said, pastor got angry after series shortage of offerings everytime.

The multiple sources said that, the pastor is a very nice man of God, but before the pastor comma voice it out to the point that ended with fight, that mean nobody on earth can control it.

It was also revealed that the pastor later called the Elder and all the members of the offerings department and apologize to them for what happened, and also appealing to them not to allow such misunderstanding and shortage to happen in the house of God again, but according to top source, the elder has vowed to deal with pastor both physical and spiritual the church close down, and pastor become nothing.

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  1. Is this actually written by Ik Osamede?
    There is no one correct sentence in proper English language. The language is so scattered that one can barely understand the import of the message.