Edo advises students to shun cybercrime

Edo advises students to shun cybercrime

The Edo Government on Tuesday advised students in the state to shun cybercrime, but rather channel their intelligence to start up legitimate enterprises to generate income. 

Speaking at the Edo College, Osobajo said that the students have higher and invaluable intelligence which should not be wasted on cybercrime. 

The permanent secretary, who was represented by Mrs Kate Bello, Director, Child Development, said that cybercrime was a pathway to self-destruction, and advised the students to distance themselves from it. 

She urged them not to envy those engaging in cybercrime, as it was not a good means of getting rich.

Osobajo said that there were lots of ways to get genuinely rich, but cybercrime was not and would never be one of them.

“This is because cybercrime is a pathway to self-destruct. You are much more intelligent and invaluable to use your intelligence on cybercrime.

“And so, I urge you to say no to cybercrime”.

The permanent secretary further advised the students not to be swayed or influence by peer groups or friends into going into cybercrime.

“The, `I want to be rich immediately’ syndrome should be disabused from your minds because that is the easiest way to be lured by your friends and peer groups into cybercrime.

“Cybercrime also leads to untimely death, waste of resources, hardship, temptation and even rituals, especially with the now trending version of yahoo plus,” she said.

Similarly, Mr John McDonald, Functional Director, Planning, Research and Statistics in the ministry, advised the students to work on their skills and make money legally.

He disclosed that the Edo Government had created several options through which the students could earn streams of income, if only they would utilise their skills legally.

Mr Peter Edomnwoyi, the Principal of the school, appreciated the team for the visit and re-echoed the government’s message that hard work pays

Edomnwoyi advised the students to shun cybercrime as it was a criminal offence in Section 419 of country’s Criminal Act.

He advised the students to imbibe the values of integrity and hard work being promoted in the school.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the sensitisation programme has as its theme “Cybercrime, Path to Self-destruct” and was taken round a total of 25 schools within the state capital.

Among the schools visited included Edokpolor Grammar School, Ihogbe College, Idia College, Anglican Girl’s Grammar School and Imaguero Girls Grammar School.

Others were Western Boys High school, Itohan Girls Grammar School, Queen Ede Secondary School and the University of Benin Teaching Staff School, all in Benin. 


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