Brief History of Popular Ring Road in Benin City

Brief History of Popular Ring Road in Benin City

Ring Road, Benin  City, otherwise referred to as Kings Square or Oba Ovoranmen Square, is located in the heart of the Edo state capital . 

History has it that Ring Road was the place where the colonial masters used to hold court. It was used as a center for recruiting soldiers during the colonial era.

All roads leading to Benin City from the east, west, north or south terminated at the Ring Road.

Some of the roads were part of the nine ancient roads that led to Benin when it was capital of the ancient Benin Kingdom.

Right at the middle of the location is the Benin City National Museum. The Edo State Assembly is also located at Ring Road. The Palace of the Oba of Benin is just a stone throw from Ring Road . 

Benin city is globally - recognized as a center of arts and culture, little wonder the state capital is adorned with beautiful works of arts. 

Stay tuned for more bits of history of our great Benin Kingdom


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