Unionism all over the world is for the progress of its members and the institutions they represent except for selfish reasons and corrupt tendencies, the reverse becomes the case like the good people of Edo State are currently witnessing in Ambrose Alli University, following the very needless strike action by ASUU AAU chapter. 

Students in AAU for more than three months now have been subjected to all forms of psychological, emotional and educational trauma while been exposed to undue pressure and all forms of social vices because their educational pursuit have remain comatose, occasioned by the strike action of ASUU AAU chapter in solidarity of ASUU in Federal Universities whereas, AAU is a State-owned institution under the funding of Edo State Government - who does that?? 

While unions in other State-owned Universities like Delta State University in Abraka has mobilised its members to class rooms and chosen to put the future of their students far above their personal interest, ASUU AAU has continued to remain in the forefront priding themselves as ASUU stronghold in Nigeria. And one will ask, to what end?. Because no State-owned University including AAU will benefit a dime of what ever the Federal Government will give to ASUU in Federal Universities if their 2009 agreement is eventually implemented. So why is ASUU AAU chapter hiding under a strike targeted toward the Federal Government to paralyse academic activities in our State-owned university AAU. Or are there things ASUU AAU are hiding while seeking safe haven from the general ASUU strike?

Some issues have been canvassed by ASUU AAU in recent times, which are non payment salaries and check off dues of which these short falls were not unconnected to the economic meltdown occassioned by the Covid-19 pandemic and dragistic fall on internally generated revenue by the short-down of academic activities by same ASUU strike. To be fair to the new AAU boss, Prof. S. Adagbonyin, who is the AVC, he resumed office in less than three months now, but has paid both January and February gross salaries with a commitment that both March and April will follow suit (as at May last month) as soon ASUU AAU resumes so as to boost up economic activities in the campuses hence generate more revenue to support govt sobvention for the payment of the balance. These were the outcomes of series of engagements with ASUU leadership except that some few retrogressive elements amongst the union refused but prefer to grind the institution to a holt. 

What ASUU AAU is not telling the public is the fact that the biometric exercise ordered by the Visitor to the institution carried out under the supervision of the SIT, revealed alot of fraudulent activities in the institution most especially among the academic staff of which most of them are the persons championing this strike action to frustrate academic activities of the students and threaten other innocent academic staff who want to go back to the class room and do thier jobs. 

ASUU should tell the public how the last biometric exercise revealed hundred of ghost workers among them. They should tell us too how many staff have multiple birthdays due to age falsification to invade retirement, how those who have exited the system are still on the payroll of the institution except that the biometric exercise has put an end to it. Why very few of the ASUU members have refused to partake of the exercise is because of what they have to hide and same reason they want the strike to go on. Ordinarily, every progressive union should laud the revelations of the biometric exercise as that would mean putting an end to leakages while more monies available for meaningful and genuine projects for staff and the institution. This is not so to ASUU, because its all about their selfish interest and protection of their shoddy deeds over the years that have held the institution to a standstill untill now the wind of education reforms has blown into the citadel of learning, AAU.

Too many to say, except that we will expect ASUU to apply their brake at this time and join in the positive reforms in the education system in Edo State and support the new management of AAU led by the AVC Prof S. Adagbonyin. 

These same set of academic staff has become so powerful to the extent that they feel they can hold AAU to ransom. In same vein so many students have been oppressed, extorted and frustrated out of the school owing to the activities of these 'untouchable' elements among ASUU. We have had cases where students can get their results five (5) years after graduation, yet they are been extorted by lecturers. Some students are sexually assaulted, physically threatened that they wont graduate and actually will not graduate, student forced to pay illegal levies and buy materials of lecturers, examination papers and answers on sales via social media group page of academic staff, to mention but a few, of which all are members of ASUU. While they were busy sinking the AAU to a non redeemable point, the resultant effect was the sprouting of hostels around AAU campuses owned by these elements as evidence of proceeds from their unwholesome ventures in milking the students and strangulating the institution. 

This wind of education reforms is laudable and the action of the Edo State Government a welcome development as they have take the bull by the horns to liberate AAU student, thier parents, guardian and sponsores from the claws of these retrogressive homo-sapien in the guise of unionist. 

Its is the earnest expectations of of Edo people from the Obaseki administration to further beam its search light and wind of reforms into our markets as our research has shown that the high cost of commodities today are occassioned by same retrogressive market unions who fix price of goods and compel traders to pay exorbitant levis and join their unions. The traders who have no choice in turn pushes the price to the innocent and good people of Edo State. ASUU AAU activities is not different from the tomatoes, pepper, leaf and garri unions in our markets whose leaders dont even have shops but go home with thousands of naira on a Daily basis. 

We call on all Edolite, students, parents and stakeholders to support the rescue of AAU from the claws of retrogressive unionism, so that history will absorb us into her good book for posterity sake.

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