Why Wike's defeat at PDP primaries was Karma at play and nothing more

Why Wike's defeat at PDP primaries was Karma at play and nothing more

'I foresee good efforts, but in the end you will lose and you will be a good loser' when Governor Abdullahi Ganduje jokingly prophesied this words to Governor Nyesom Wike when he visited him few weeks ago in Kano, he not only saw the future, but he echoed the voices of the silent minority among the PDP delegates and party leaders who orchestrated the loss of the Rivers state helmsman at the just concluded PDP Presidential primaries. The Rivers Governor had finally been sent to the political slaughter slab, chopped and sliced by the same people who he dollarised and greased their itching palms hoping to gain their votes in return.

The defeat felt like a deep cut to the tough skin of Governor Wike, he still couldnt imagine how it happened, so painful was the defeat that he failed to even scribble some sort of congratulatory message to the winner of the primaries, former Vice President Atiku Abubakar. Reason succumbed to emotion as the mist of fantasy finally gave way to the horizon of reality. He would become a political dud by the end of his tenure in May 2023.

To keen observers, it would be impossible for Wike to clinch the PDP ticket because while he possessed the financial war chest, he lacked the diplomatic mien, political temperament, infectious tact and teachable demeanor required to be considered a presidential material. He fell yards shot of that expectation. Ganduje's prophecy became Wike's reality. At a reception in Port Harcourt, shortly after his return from the Presidential Primaries, he attributed his failure to clinch the ticket to the high level conspiracy of some southern governors, the betrayal of some of his close allies from the north and the actions of some past leaders especially those who have dominated the political scene since the era of the military. He congratulated himself for his poor bravado at challenging the status quo, and continued in his self deceit that he can't be intimidated by his party and some of its leaders. Unfortunately these were the same leaders he went cap in hand like those traffic babiallas begging for support few weeks ago. How amnesic was his memory!

He berated some of the Southern governors accusing them of haughtiness, greed and betrayal that served as the coup the grace that torpedoed the ship of his political ambition, and reminding them that they would remain enslaved to northern domination. What the garrulous Wike failed to understand is that he wasn't betrayed by his southern brothers, rather he was betrayed by his lack of diplomatic finesse, brazen arrogance, apparent disrespect for institutions and leaders, his continuous insipid bile of tantrums at his fellow governors and his utmost belief in using money to buy everything and everyone. Money can buy you votes but can't purchase relationship. Atiku's win was largely based to relationship, although one can't rule out the scent of dollars from his kitchen to delegates. Wike violated the law of relationship and became a political burnt offering of some sorts.

The Southern governors remembered how Wike's overzealous gait and rash outrage led to the exit of Governor Dave Umahi of Ebonyi to the APC, his sponsorship of treachery in the Cross River chapter of the PDP just to gain control of the party structure for his presidential ambition led to the exit of Prof. Ben Ayade to the APC, these actions turned the PDP from a ruling party in those states to a weakened opposition within months. His word attack on former governor Emeka Ihedioha of Imo state didn't help his profile either. Unfortunately for Wike, he paid the ultimate price at the Presidential Primaries as his major contender and eventual winner Atiku Abubakar exploited those cracks to secure the bloc votes of those states and was able to use Wike's ally in the North, the Governor of Sokoto state, Waziri Tambuwal who stepped down at the last minute and inflicted the Brutus stab cut on Wike leading to the ultimely demise of his presidential bid.

Wike may be admired for his outspoken nature or his apparent show of courage, however all these traits are not enough to win him the Presidency. Politics requires diplomacy, wisdom and a bit of compromise to get what you want and Wike unfortunately posseses none. His outburst in Port Harcourt shortly after the primaries clearly showed that, his enemies don't trust him, likewise his political associates, his inability to bridle his leaking tongue would continue to win him more enemies and by the end of his tenure he would know that all those who sing his praises were only acting the script of hallelujah boys, they will dump him and once again he would walk alone like a rejected orphan..

His political jolly run to the presidency has unfortunately ended in a golgothic ride to political oblivion, a position that would be cemented when he finishes his tenure in May 2023.

Adieu Wike.

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