The lies that Obaseki is not working, Obaseki is not working is all we hear from those paid to spread lies about Obaseki's govt while their payers never said that, rather they accuse him of not giving them contract or nor recognize them maybe in cash. 

Now let really compare achievement of both present and past govt and see if Obaseki is doing badly as they claimed.

1. Oshiomole never invested in human capital development, but Obaseki did, he has trained thousands of people into different skills as well as empowering them.

 2. Oshiomole did not build low cost houses for the citizens, but about a 1000 low cost houses is on the way courtesy Obaseki.

 3. Oshiomole did not renovate and furnish any of our ministries but Obaseki did and even completed the 40yrs abandoned civil secretariat building.

4. Oshiomole build few schools without training and employing teachers but Obaseki is building more schools, training the old staffs and employing new ones.

5. Oshiomole constructed few roads no doubt and Obaseki is constructing roads too and even more than oshiomhole

6. Primary school pupils were buying books during Oshiomole govt but now no pupil buy books in all primary schools all over the state.

7. Oshiomole scantily  renovated Ogbe stadium without covering the top, but Obaseki renovated the stadium and covered the top, and turn it to modern one.

8. Oshiomole bought few transport buses and Obaseki added to the fleet too.

9. Oshiomole did not do anything to elevate Usen polytechnic but Obaseki has done a lot to elevate Usen polytechnic.

10. Oshiomhole started storm water project but governor Obaseki has improved on it and done more

11. Obaseki built Edo hub, Industrial park is under construction, has completed the renovation of college of education Abudu, work just started at college of Agriculture Iguoriakhi.

12. Oshiomole didn't give communities bore hole, Obaseki gave communities solar industrial bore hole.

13. Oshiomole built central hospital without equipment while Obaseki completed the purchase of the equipment and opened it.

14. Obaseki is building primary health centers in so many communities across the state but oshiomhole didn't

15. Obaseki sets up EDSTMA, trained and equipped them with Towing vans, other vehicles, motor bikes and modern gadget, oshiomhole didn't

16. Obaseki has redefined tax collection in the state instead of the usual agbero style under oshiomhole

 17. Salaries of workers, pensioners of both state and local govt were owed by oshiomhole but not Obaseki because he has paid all and even increased minimum wage above Federal government

18. Oshiomhole didn't build any primary health center which is supposed to cater for the masses but Obaseki is building several health centers 

There are so many other project which are not mentioned here. Governor Obaseki has done more than previous administration combined. Let the people know the truth 

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