1.For the first time in our political history, our dear Mr President, Vice President, Governors, Deputy Governors, Council Chairmen, Vice, Party Officials, and all Appointed and Elected Representatives did not vote as delegates in primaries of their respective political parties. (Very strange).

2. 469 members of the National Assembly who moved, scrutinized, read in- between the lines, passed the bill for Presidential assent did not also vote ( hand 👌 of God).

3. In an attempt to display strength to whittle the powers and influence of Governors over delegates, the legislature unknowingly shot themselves by inserting the controversial clause 84(12) which when interpreted excluded all statutory delegates including the 109 Senators and the 360 House of Representatives( hand 👏 of God).

4. From what happened during and after the delegate election, it is evidently clearer that none of the law makers knew when they unknowingly wrote off their statutory delegates right (hand 👏 of God).

5. Perhaps Mr President Muhammadu Buhari did not also know of the salient provisions before signing the bill into law. Or let's say, the exigencies at the moment forced him? ( hand 👏 of God) 

6. If Atiku Abubakar wins, he is ONLY entitled to a single term of four years. Because a Vice President who has done 2 terms can only do a one term as President (hand 👌 of God). The very reason why they wanted Goodluck Jonathan. 

7. The new electoral law does not permit anyone who has contested for primaries in one party to jump ship to another party for any position during the same election year. Meaning, Peter Obi having left the PDP to Labour party cannot move to another. Same with Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, just name them( hand 👏 of God).

8. The same electoral act does not allow anyone that has contested any position and lost, to take up any other position in the same election year. So forget Yahaya Bello cannot be VP. Same with other Presidential Aspirants. ( hand 👏 of God). 

9. The incident that brought Atiku Abubakar in 1999 as VP after winning The Governorship election in Adamawa cannot happen again in the same electoral year( hand 👌 of God).

 *There are other key provisions of the new Electoral Act which gives hope and goes further to demonstrate the hand 👏 of God.* 

1. *Section 29 (1)* stipulates that parties must conduct primaries and submit their list of candidates at least 180 days before the general elections.

2. *Section 65* states that INEC can review results declared under duress.( So no more gun point results).

3. *Section 3 (3)* states that funds for general elections must be released at least one year before the election.

4. *Section 51* says that the total number of accredited voters will become a factor in determining over-voting at election tribunals.

5. *Section 54 (2)* makes provisions for people with disabilities and special needs.

6. *Section 47* gives legislative backing for smart card readers and any other voter accreditation technology that the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) deploy.

7. *Section 34* gives political parties power to conduct a primary election to replace a candidate who died during an election.

8. *Section 50* gives INEC the legal backing for electronic transmission of election results.

9. *Section 94* allows for early commencement of the campaign season. By this provision, the campaign season will now start 150 days to the Election Day and end 24 hours before the election.

10. *Section 84*(section that broke the 🐪 back) stipulates that anyone holding a political office – ministers, commissioners, special advisers and others – must relinquish the position before they can be eligible to participate in the electoral process either as a candidate or as a delegate.

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