Orbih's structure in Edo has collapsed

Orbih's structure in Edo has collapsed

The political intrigues in Edo State continue to fascinate pundits who see the contest for the soul of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the state as a quest for who controls the party structure. 

Not many have actually come to take a much closer look at the dynamics at play in the state and how the subtleties of the local polity have come to define the standing of stakeholders in Edo PDP.

In pursuit of his inordinate interests, the National Vice Chairman, South South, Chief Dan Orbih staged a futile battle of wits for the structure of the party with the Governor. Today, he is mockingly referred to as “Structural Engineer” whose structure collapsed as it lacked appropriate pillars! 

It is necessary to ask how influential Orbih in Edo PDP really is; where does he control and how has this ‘control’ translated to electoral gains for him. 

For the better part of the time that Orbih held fort in the PDP to the expiration of his tenure, he spent almost 12 years as State Chairman, the party was in the opposition and never won the governorship seat in the state until the coming of Governor Obaseki into the party. Orbih’s senatorial district was the only district Edo PDP could not boast of even one member in the state House of Assembly talkless of in the Chambers of the National Assembly, House of Representatives and Senate, throughout his elongated tenure!

Just recently, Judging by the outcome of the Federal and State Assemblies primary elections in the state, much is left to be desired for all of Orbih’s supposed control of the structure of the party in the state.

It was reported and confirmed that Chief Orbih’s candidates in the Senate, Federal and State Assemblies primaries lost out in the contest, as his allies failed to secure tickets in their fake factional primaries. Some of the areas where this was witnessed include but not restricted to Akoko Edo House of Assembly and federal Constituency , Etsako West, Etsako East, Etsako Central House of Assembly constituencies as well as the Etsako federal Constituency, Edo North Senatorial seat and Orhionmwon/Uhunmwonde federal constituencies to name a few. 

For specifics, Honourable Charles Idahosa’s daughter, who the Orbih faction presented for election, lost in Orhionmwon/Uhunmwonde Federal Constituency; Hajia Adiza Umoru in Etsako Federal Constituency, the constituency of Chief Orbih and despite his express instructions to the party chairmen and delegates, his preferred aspirant Adiza Umoru was rejected. While Bankole Balogun suffered the same fate in Akoko Edo Federal Constituency. The self acclaimed Structural Engineer, Chief Dan Orbih, who boast of having the structure , also failed woefully in Akoko Edo state constituency as his Senatorial Chairman, Hon Segun Samuel Saiki, his anointed aspirant, who incidentally organized the fake ad hoc delegate election in Edo North was rejected by the ad hoc delegates he selected in their kangaroo delegate election. To mention a few!

This tale was the same across most Edo North constituencies. So, one is wont to ask, which structure does Orbih control? As even the structure he is said to control; he couldn’t get his people to win in the fake primaries his shady faction conducted. He brags that he delivered the delegates to Wike, but facts on the ground suggest a different conclusion .

Edo North, especially, which is where he hails from, is definitely not under his beck and call. 

This is but an eye opener to party stakeholders in the state on people that lay claim to what they do not have and make spurious postulation of their influence in the internal affairs of the party. 

A man who cannot even wield enough influence to deliver his candidates in Edo North, shouldn’t even be contemplating of overreaching to other parts of the state to the extent of imposing candidates. 

It is clear that this Structural Engineer na suègbe.

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  1. That structure engineer na pure suegbe and a loser who strongly believe to ave more benefit in opposition than been in government, engineer your time is up

    1. Orbih is an opportunist. He has no structure