Obaseki The Democrat - By Tunde Tee Olatunji

Quick question: how many Deputy Governors in Nigeria do you know/follow? How many have you heard in the news? 

The simple answer is either none, or not many. I believe in Edo state we have normalised how important the office of the Deputy Governor is, like it ought to be. Governor Godwin Obaseki has proven, yet again, that is he indeed a democrat. While leaving for his annual leave, the Governor officially transferred power to his able Deputy Governor, Rt. Hon. Comrade Philip Shaibu, who is presently serving as the Acting Governor of Edo state, and this isn't even the first time. 

We all have been witnesses to the president's extended periods of absence from office. The president only transferred powers to the Vice President once and all hell broke loose and the power was quickly revoked. 

We saw how the Governor came to the Defence of his Deputy when another governor insulted and disrespected him. If you read the governor's response to that incident, you'll agree with me Obaseki respects and appreciates his Deputy, as well as the office he represents. 

We've also heard and seen stories of Deputy Governors from past administrations here in Edo state. Some are either completely out of loop and others were completely shoved aside by their principal. 

As far as i know, no governor in Nigeria has ever done this. Governor Obaseki is a true democrat!

- Tunde Tee Olatunji

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