Chris Ojeikere

Strike - loving Ambrose Alli University, ASUU 
has forced the hand of the Edo State government to apply the sledgehammer on academic unions in the State owned tertiary schools. The government announced a ban on the unions two days ago. Many stakeholders in the State think that the government has not only done the right thing, but also has got the timing right. The ban came at the heels of Ambrose Alli University students protest to the Government House, Benin City, where they insisted the Government must do something fast to end the AAU ASUU strike, and restore academic activities to their school. Everyone had pleaded and waited in vain for AAU ASUU to end a strike, which, in the first instance, they had borrowed from Federal universities, who have their own grouse with the Federal government. Even among AAU ASUU members, many feel the strike action has overstayed and become retrogressive. But, a combative cabal, who always tries to arm twist everyone trying to make progress in the School, had insisted in holding the school, government and their students to ransom, because they abhor the strategy of dialogue and due process. It is difficult to know why. Whether because they know they have no rational presentation to make about why they are borrowing a strike action quite illogically, Or, they are the ones, who are avoiding to submit themselves to a biometric exercise, instructed by the Visitor to the University, Governor Godwin Obaseki. Every responsible institution knows the positive imperatives of a government wanting to be accountable regarding staff numbers and emoluments. Biometrics is effective in achieving that. The government has not only demonstrated its willingness to pay actual staff and not ghosts, but also, has actually commenced payments of two months salaries, gross, to those who submitted themselves for biometrics. Rather than our brothers ASUU cabal, to show the same commitment as Management's and a bit of empathy to our students, who are becoming disillusioned in life from these strikes frustrations, they are insisting on weeping more than the bereaved, by holding on to a borrowed strike of federal universities. To make bad matters worse, the Federal government in releasing money (34 billion) to its own federal schools, of course could not care less, if AAU existed. And you cannot blame it, because it is not its responsibility. So why is AAU ASUU now assuming responsibility for the federal strike? Highly illogical! Every Edo citizen expects rightly, that AAU ASUU should show a sense of responsibility by realizing that the academically disenfranchised students are mostly Edo students, and that the School was built, and, is run by their parents' taxes. Parents pay taxes and school fees to enable their children graduate on time to come help share in the family financial responsibilities. But it is distressful that AAU ASUU are creating a situation, where students will be graduating from school, after their parents have graduated from life. I have yet to read in any of their many press releases, where they showed the slightest form of empathy about their students plight. But they are quick to accuse their own students of being sponsored against them, by government; because the students cried out, after waiting forever for reasons to prevail. If AAU ASUU, ever had an argument, they lost it, when their own students expressed by that protest, that they don't believe them. And it is not hard to understand why students who have been recipients of many cases of victimizations on campus from these obvious narcissists, should hold them in scepticism.

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