Read This Before You Buy Foreign Used Vehicles 'Tokunbo'
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Read This Before You Buy Foreign Used Vehicles 'Tokunbo'

Before you buy that "Tokunbo" automobile, please go to Google and check history of the vehicle. 

Some are actually accident car with serious risks.

Here's an example, this car Toyota 2007 or 08 Rav 4 was bought at auction and shipped to Nigeria, fixed and the dealer trying to sell it as accident free. 

According to my investigation, the car was in front end collision in the United States and brought to Nigeria as Salvage/Scrap, but here in Nigeria, there's no regulations or enforcement where there is a regulation.
So dealers will convince unsuspecting buyers as the car being a Tokunbo with no accident history, but voila! Go to Google and check this car jtmbk32v285044352

Not only will the search reveal the history of owners and accidents, it will tell you the actual milage that the car was bought at auction. 

There was a car I saw and everything clean with "98,000 miles, but upon checking the chassis number, it revealed the actual milage at 298,000. 

Any inexperienced buyer will buy and think he or she is buying a Toyota Rav 4 2007 with just 98,000 miles- not knowing it's actually 298,000 miles. 

In this case, the auto dealer had tampered with the milage and turned back the odometer- which is an illegal act in America, but Nigeria being a dumping ground for everything, our leaders don't care. 

The danger in buying these cars is that any car with a front end or even rear end accident can endangaered the lives of the occupants at a high speed due to the frames being out of alignment.  

Please pass this information along and save lives and make car buyers smarter.

Mr. Olatunji Malomo

Patriotic Nigerian.

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