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The Edo State Skills Development Agency (Edojobs) was set up by the Edo State Government to “Provide the Supply of and attract the demand for highly skilled talent in Edo State”.
The following milestones have been achieved since inception of Edojobs in March 2017:
Edo State Skills Development Agency 
The Edo State Skills Development Agency was signed into law in 2019, before we dive into all our achievements in the last five years, let’s look at our recent achievement across the Agency.
Highlighted Recent Achievements 
• 811 Edo Youth with focus on women and young girls in rural areas offered fully funded scholarships to learn in-demand tech skills: Digital Marketing, Web Development and Data Analytic through Edojobs partnered Udacity Platform, 
• Official launch of the EDO-CARES Grants to support micro and small enterprise in Edo State, with businesses accessing from 100,000 Naira to 700,000 Naira in the three grant categories: credit grant, operational grants, and IT enhancement grant.
• Set up of Edo Job Centres in partnership with GIZ SKYE in three locations in Edo South, 2 locations in Edo Central and 2 locations in Edo North.
• Since opening of the Edo Job Centre 4,572 benefited from various programs including C.V reviews, Professional Job counseling, soft skills training, and job opportunities at the Edo job Centre.
• Facilitate and support the shoot of blockbuster films and movie series in various location across Edo state, by top movie productions such as ROK Studios, Chimela Films and more, transforming Edo state into an entertainment hub and film village.
• 700 Gate keepers, thought leaders, traditional and religious leaders, civil society groups hosted at Edojobs citizens engagement in Edo North, Edo South and Edo Central.
• Ongoing disbursement of 2Billion Naira fund provided by Edo State Government and its partner, Bank of Industry to support businesses in Edo State with 814 MSME owners already benefitting.
• Set up of Edo Online Market Place in partnership with Konga, an E-Commerce Adaptation Scheme brought to 1,000 Businesses owners in Edo State.
• Set up of Edo Tech Park Campus- A partnership between Edo State Government and Decagon Institute to train 15,000 software engineers in Edo state with guaranteed jobs.
• 1,005 Edo youths received remedial coding skills in EDOJOBS ONRAMP, MICROSOFT POWER BI, WEB DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM, COMPUTER APPRECIATION PROGRAM, DIGITAL LITRACY FOR RURAL CLUSTER which has facilitate successful entry into Decagon Software Engineering Program with 112 Edo youths currently undergoing training and benefiting from Edo Tech Park software engineering program. 
• 350 Edojobs Beneficiaries of selected skills programs hosted at the quarterly Edojobbers meetup, an event organized by Edo State Skills Development Agency, (edojobs) which is aimed at building Edojobs Alumni into a formidable community that is inclusive, collaborative and growth oriented. 
• Launched the Victor Uwaifo Creative Hub and Sound Stage with awesome projects such as THE EDO YOUTH MEGA CONCERT, SHOOT OF BLOOD OF ENOGIE S2, ROK STUDIOS MOVIES and a full functional world class creative studio, with a partnership with ROK Studios to build a talent base in Edo State, starting with 73 Edo Youths trained in sound, script writing and cinematography.
• Launch of EdojobsSkillup Mobile application in partnership with French Government utilizing 4 French Companies with 1,478 users currently undergoing various training in the creative sector.
• 225 skilled and unskilled artisans were engaged in a Public Work Volunteering which we called Edojobs cash for work program
• Launch of the Edo Future 500 project-An entrepreneurship arm of EDSSA skills unit, set up to provide business owners in Edo state with advanced knowledge and opportunities for sustainable business, with 1,104 Business owners currently in the business community.
• 661 Edo youth currently undergoing training on the Transforming Nigeria Youth Program in partnership with Enterprise Development Centre and MasterCard Foundation.

Edo Innovates
Total Number of Beneficiaries: 33,309
• Setup Edo Innovates Hub - The largest cluster of hubs in the country. The hub has collaborated with National and International partners such as UDACITY, WORLD BANK, AMAZON WEB SERVICE (AWS), SHONGAI FARMS GOOGLE AFRICA, CURATORS UNIVERSITY, LINKEDIN, CADD CENTER, GIZ, OXFAM INTERNATIONAL, HPLIFE, CENTER FOR WOMEN DEVELOPMENT, FACEBOOK, etc. to deliver ICT skills training, solutions and connecting beneficiaries to jobs in the IT sector.

• Set up of Edoinnovates Board of Directors lead by VICTOR SANCHEZ ASEMOTA with members such as MR OSWALD GUOBADIA, MISS PEACE ITIMI AND MRS EGO AIMIEDE OBI.

• 811 Edo Youth with focus on women and young girls in rural and urban communities offered fully funded scholarships to learn in-demand tech skills: Digital Marketing, Web Development and Data Analytic under Udacity Platform

• 1,171 Edojobbers trained on Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, with 254 sponsored by Amazon Web Service (AWS).
• 765 trained on Web and Application design, maintenance and development and connected to jobs.
• 2,355 SME owners received Business Development and acceleration training, incubation and startup support
• 253 Edojobbers trained on photography, videography and creativity with Internship opportunities.
• Over 3,126 beneficiaries of basic ICT and Digital Skills training and Job opportunities in the sector
• 78 Startups with 282 staff benefitting from workspace at the Edoinnovates Hub.

• 1,788 Edo Residents trained on Sales and Digital Marketing.

• Over N21,700,000 grants received by startups from the hub in pitch competitions and donor investors
• In partnership with N-Create trained 1,500 beneficiaries on Graphics design and Illustration, Animation and motion picture production, script writing and voicing
• Global Certification for 100 young engineers on the Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) of electrical, interior, mechanical, Architectural design etc.
• 169 beneficiaries of Robotics and Space Technology training
• 2,709 Nurses, Teachers, Tech Developers, Drivers, officers benefitted from Professional programs, IT skills training etc.
• N3,500,000 won by startups at the hub in the “Power for Edo Hackathon” sponsored by Siemens Nigeria
• 13,000 students registered and learning on Gidimobile Gaming App for Secondary School courses, with over 230 students winning laptops, school bags, data etc. in national competition on the App
Job Matching
Total Number of Beneficiaries: 12,215

• Set up of Edo Job Centre’s in partnership with GIZ SKYE in four locations across Edo State, with other locations set to be establish 
• Over 1,684 benefited from various programs including, Career counseling, cv reviews, soft skills training and job opportunities at the Edo job Centre
• Over 5,675 beneficiaries of Job Matching in partnership with MDAs and Private Institutions 
• Partnered with GIZ SKYE, IOM, NAT Wood Furniture, First Bank Plc, Edo Development and Property Agency for Edojobs Internship and Apprenticeship Scheme that placed people in jobs, with over 70%employment rate. 
• Partnered with over 300 employers 
• 350 people empowered on the First Bank Agency Banking carrying out business in communities across 15 LGAs 
• Distributed Solar Powered kiosk to beneficiaries in Akoko Edo, Etsako Central, Etsako West, Etsako East and Igueben LGAs
Skills Acquisition and Entrepreneurship Development
Total Number of Beneficiaries: 22,215

• Set up of Edojobs Fashion Factory and Style Corner
• 167 Trained on machine repairs, maintenance, fashion accessories production across Edo state
• 10,420 Edo youths trained on Catering, Event Management and Cosmetology in all LGAs
• 418 Trained in welding, machine fabrication across the state
• Over 900 benefitted from trainings on Tiling, POP production and installation, paint production, 3D wallpaper installation, welding and fabrication, artistic and aluminum with continuous support across Oredo, Egor, Esan South East, Ovia South West, Ovia North East Orhionmwonand Etsako West LGAs
• Setup a leather work (Shoe and Bags) training factory at Ehor, Uhunmwode LGA with 100 Edo youth trained on shoe manufacturing in Uhunmwode LGA
• Training and Empowerment of 351Edojobbers on GSM and Laptop Repairs in Benin and Auchi
• 50 Edojobbers trained on Automobile Repairs with apprenticeship and job placement
• 10,420Edojobbers trained on ICT, Cosmetology and Catering in partnership with National Directorate for Employment (NDE) across 18 LGAs
• 2,000 women across 18 LGAs trained on Small-scale poultry management with over 44,000 day-old high breed chicks distributed to the trainees by the Office of the First Lady under the Edo Women for Agriculture and Enterprise (EWAE) scheme
• Solar Panel Installation Training for 94 residents of Akoko Edo LGA
• Set up a soap making factory in Irrua
• Training 284 women on Soap production in Irrua
• Over 600 persons trained on Solar Panel Installation and Maintenance in Benin City, Ekpoma and Igarra
• Employability Skills training for over 1,773Edojobbers
• 3,100 youth and SMEs trained on Entrepreneurship and Financial Literacy
• Set up Welding and Fabrication, Leather works, Garment and Block Production Factory in Ukpato Community, Orhionmwon LGA with 50 Edojobberstrained on Welding and Fabrication, Leather works, Garment and Block Production
• 503 trained on Auto Gele, Bead making, Air freshener and Perfume making training across Esan South East, Esan West,Etsako West, Uhunmwode, and Oredo LGAs
Edo Food and Agric Cluster (Edo-FAC)
Total Number of Beneficiaries : 2,405

• Setup of Edo Food and Agric Cluster in Ehor, Uhnmwode LGA to train and support small-scale farmers, improve their farming processes, improve access to markets and grow income in the local communities.
• Supporting farmers in aggregation of farm produce for buyers. Farmers in the community and environs have so far sold produce worth Fifteen Million, Four Hundred and Ten Thousand, Six Hundred Naira N15,410,600 through the EdoFac aggregation program.
• Extensive service training to maximize cassava yield, cultivation and processing for 462 farmers in Edo state with the provision of high yielding TME 419 cassava stems as starter packs to the farmers
• Partnership with international and local organizations such as GIZ, IOM, Nigeria Export Commission, Edo Exporters Club and others.
• 50 trainees received Poultry Production Training along with chicks as starter packs
• Soilless Farming Techniques Training and Empowerment of 587 trainees
• 335 farmers trained in ruminant animal breeding, feed formulation and marketing.
• Bee Keeping training for 340 trainees in Oredo, Uhunmwode and Ovia North East LGA with provision of starter packs to 44 Bee keepers 
• 295 trained on Catfish processing, packaging and marketing
• Vegetable cultivation and starter packs for 50 trainees

Edo Production Center
Total Number of Beneficiaries: 264
• Setup the first state owned production center in the country (Edo Production Center) for artisans and small scale manufacturers
• Constant electricity supply for subscribed business
• Bank of Industry is sited its first branch in Edo State at the Production center and are ready to provide financial assistance for occupants
• Returnees are being trained, empowered and reintegrated into the society through the Society for the Empowerment of Young Persons at the Edo Production Center

Edo Creative Hub
Total Number of Beneficiaries : 1,267
• Kicked off the Edo Creative Hub Project
• Capacity building training in partnership with French government, LEFAAAC for over 1,000Edo youths from the EdojobsSkillUp App, in digital cinematography, scriptwriting and directing, production management, still photography, sound and editing.
• Facilitate and support the shoot of blockbuster films and movie series in various location across EdoState, by top movie productions such as ROK Studios, Chimela Films and more, transforming Edo state into an entertainment hub and film village.
• Partnered with ROK studio in training 73Edo youths on sound, script writing and cinematography 
• Successfully organized the Edo 2020 Sport Festival Mascot and Theme song competition with N1,500,000 given to the winners
• Organized a Pitch Shoot Win Competition which saw 10 Edojobbers in Film production screened, selected and provided with training, funds (N750,000) to shoot 10 low-budget high quality movies over the next 6 months in Edo State

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