High Court upholds Edo PDP ad-hoc delegates election
 By Chris Ojeikere

The lines immediately above are the ominous report from the courts today over the ad- hoc PDP congress in Edo State. It is difficult to relate the totally needless 'bole-kaja' attitude of so called Edo old PDP to anything short of a psychotic disorder. And please, for those of you given to pugnacious impulses over new words, check up the meaning of the word "psychosis" on your dictionary, before you pack your punches. I am only here to firmly assert my considered opinion, as one who was and is, a stakeholder along with other well meaning Edo people in the year 2020 Obaseki - Edo project. I don't 'fight dirty' on issues, where sound Truth and Logic should prevail. After all, I'm not Kassim Afegbua.πŸ˜€

But there is a pertinent curiosity to interrogate why Edo old PDP should engage in a violent collateral detrition with itself; pretending in the process, that they are fighting against Governor Godwin Obaseki. Assuming, without conceding, that that were the case, why would the old PDP be fighting against Governor Godwin Obaseki? The FACT of the matter is that, old PDP in Edo State before Obaseki, has no moral suasion to be fighting Obaseki. Everyone knows that before the Governor joined the PDP, they had been trounced to a diffident pack of non consequential political lookers - on; waiting for a Day of Redemption. Their deprived members across the State, went about town "craning their necks in all direction and in no direction". It was common place gist for Edo people to say PDP will never come to power in Edo again; going by the blistering trouncing former Governor Oshiomole was giving them on all fronts: resulting to the record 18/18 political history. The grassroots PDPians looked haplessly and helplessly on, as an over bloated, and an over fed court jester and godfather-in- practice assumed their destiny; pretending to be a defender of the Party, when he could never win any of his own ward elections. They had long been accostumed to being commodities of merchandise for sly wheeler dealers, who harvested goldmines from their servitude. A hang over that still lingers today in their consciousness.

At length, God sent them Redemption. That Redemption came graciously in the person of the Revolutionary Governor Obaseki and his army of Edoid crusaders in 2020. And PDP got a breather! They hit the airwaves again. This time, not as losers, but as victors There had been a travesty of justice, and a political sacrilege committed against Obaseki with impudence. It was a slap on our collective faces as Edo people. We don't take such impudence, lying low. So we said, "Edo nor be Lagos", anywhere Obaseki go, na der we dey go. PDP became the choice for obvious reasons. The army moved in, did what it had to do, including galvanizing those who would not move into the PDP, and delivered victory. Let us put on record that the army is still there!

After that landmark victory, the PDP has so inexorably embroiled itself in such long whining grunts and grumble that it was high time, the voting army and stakeholders interrogated grapevine issues that are needed to clarify things.
We note that the nucleus of all the deleterious turn of event would be in the negotiations that took place between Governor Obaseki and the PDP, when Edo people insisted he must contest 2020 guber elections. Obviously, there are things the whining grumblers, who daily assault our Social Media spaces with specious morality, and revisionism of gratitude are not telling us.

Grapevine reveals that there certainly were transactional interrelations that served only the narcissistic interests of old PDP leaders. But, we have observed that in the plethora of their narcissistic effusions,
their writers or spokespersons rush through this critical stage of the nexus between then in-coming aspirant Obaseki, and the old PDP. But Edo people would want to know WHAT TRANSPIRED. We ask, because it was not Obaseki alone that was analysing a platform for him to run then. The Edo people were all involved. He was carrying our mandate to redress the sacrilege I referred to earlier. Edo people felt insulted and there was a political insurrection of sorts. GO, as we fondly called him then, was just our Democratic Achilles.
So Edo people are asking again, did Old PDP arm twist Edo people before providing a platform to us to pursue the cause of Justice through our leader, Governor Obaseki?

Assuming, without conceding that you found our Achilles heels and blackmailed us, because we needed a platform to fight for Edo State? Then, Dear old PDP, you have sold your birthright. Like Esau, you have eaten your porridge of the inheritance! What ranking hypocrisy therefore, to come to the public and accuse Obaseki of ingratitude? If you sold your 'shares' at that time, to a boardroom guru, can you in all good conscience claim that Governor Obaseki wants to take over the structure of the Party? You want to eat your cake and have it ehn?
Unless and until these questions are answered in the negative, your claims, and hue and cry, about Governor Obaseki wanting to control the structure of PDP are nothing but a nettlesome atmospheric disturbance. 
Did not the PDP Constitution say the Governor is the leader of the Party at sub national levels? 

Look ehh, person wey nor no were rain begin beat am, nor go no were im body dry o.

PDP grassroots, use your heads, so that some people in a corner do not continue to use them for you. Who are the beneficiaries from all this meaningless gyrations about Obaseki this, Obaseki that? Except, those who give you narratives of fictions to submit your independence to them?
Would PDP have nearly as half of the aspirants contesting in Edo PDP today, if Governor Obaseki did not bring victory to the Party?  
Beware o, those unpleasant years of the locusts are just a step away, if you don't use your head!

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