BREAKING: Appeal Court Recognizes Governor Obaseki's Ad-Hoc Delegates As Valid [DETAILS]

BREAKING: Appeal Court Recognizes Governor Obaseki's Ad-Hoc Delegates As Valid [DETAILS] is a platform known for truth and as such we only put out verifiable information. We have been inundated with calls for confirmation of the flurry of court judgement as regards Edo PDP ad-hoc delegates list. 

We deployed our fact checking machinery and we can confirm at this hour that the Court of Appeal in Benin yesterday delivered a landmark judgement concerning the PDP ad-hoc delegates congress and the list of delegates that emanated from the process.

According to our sources, the court held that the matter concerning the ad hoc delegates congress "is purely an internal affair of the PDP and that the courts (including the Federal High Court Abuja) have no jurisdiction to hear the case in the first place."

It continued, "No ad hoc delegate who is not an aspirant in the primaries of a political party has the right to institute an action to challenge the process."

Going by the judgment, the Court has given powers to the national leadership of the PDP to determine the true delegates from the congress.

The national leadership overtime has since recognized the ad-hoc delegates list of His Excellency, Mr Godwin Nogheghase Obaseki. This victory puts to rest all other judgements on this matter as it is a higher court and its judgement supercedes the judgements of High courts whether in Benin or Abuja.

Going by previous judgements of the Supreme Court, this judgement of the Appeal Court will stand. This is landslide victory for the political reformer in Edo State, Governor Godwin Nogheghase Obaseki who has reformed the political climate by emplacing power in the hands of the people instead of selfish leaders. 

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