Six Habits That Damage The Kidney You Should Know
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Six Habits That Damage The Kidney You Should Know

The kidneys are vital organs that are responsible for filtering waste substances and unnecessary fluids so that they can be eliminated by the urine.

This means that they are very important for overall health. However, many people have bad habits that can negatively affect the function of their kidneys.

According to healthline, some habits that damage the kidney include:

Caffeine consumption

Although moderate coffee consumption does not pose a health risk, excessive consumption can actually cause kidney damage. Caffeine raises blood pressure, and this really tires out your kidneys.

Abuse of painkillers

Because many painkillers are given without a prescription, many believe they are the best option for pain management.

Unfortunately, it is now clear that painkiller abuse can have serious side effects, including kidney damage.

Excessive salt intake

When you consume too much sodium, your kidneys work twice as hard, and this affects their long-term health.

Foods that contain a lot of protein

Protein is essential for the proper functioning of your body, but only in reasonable amounts. Foods like red meat, fish, and even eggs can make your kidneys work harder than they should.

Excessive alcohol consumption

Excessive alcohol consumption is a bad habit that can quickly cause kidney damage. Alcohol contains toxins and chemicals that are very aggressive on the kidneys and liver.
Resistance to the need to urinate

When your body tells you to go to the toilet, it is important to relieve yourself as soon as possible. Holding back urine is a bad idea because, in the long run, it can lead to kidney failure or incontinence.

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