Nigerians on social media lambast Wike for shunning Governor Obaseki on Edo Visit, say Wike acts like someone on Drugs
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Nigerians on social media lambast Wike for shunning Governor Obaseki on Edo Visit, say Wike acts like someone on Drugs

By Ik Osamede

Following Governor Nyesom Wike's visit to Edo State where he deliberately decided not to visit the Governor of Edo State as per protocol, who coincidentally is also in the same party as him, many Nigerians have taken to social media to lambast the unpopular presidential aspirant.

For many, Nysesom Wike is egoistical, uncouth and uncivil in mannerisms and wondered how the bar has been brought so low as to allow a person of Wike joining the fray in the forthcoming presidential elections.

Ik Osamede Media reporters recently transvered the social media platforms and found out that Wike was suffering severe bashing as many now understand that Governor Wike is behind the crisis in the PDP in Edo State. Many also adduced his interferences as a signal that he wanted to take control of the PDP structure in Edo State leaving Governor Godwin Obaseki, a sitting Governor with little to no say in the politics in the state. 

Many Nigerians see Wike's haughtiness and braggadocio as an inkling to his quest to being the new Godfather in Edo State and South South. To them, Wike's visit to Edo State which saw him meeting with the PDP's Executives in the state without first intimating the Governor Obaseki or even paying him a visit like other presidential aspirants have done was a big red flag and portrayed Wike clearly as the hand instigating some party executives in the State against the Edo State Governor.

Enough said, we will now delve into snippets of what Nigerians have to say about Wike.

Martins Aghaobodo said: Wike is not a presidential matter because he is haughty, he is not fit for the job, inflexible and behaves like some on narcotics

Collins Okonkwo wrote: Governor Wike can never be a good leader with pride all over him. How can you visit a State and shun the governor of that State? It shows the level of Mr Wike's understanding of leadership and politics.

Chidozie Frederick: Quarrel Quarrel.. So if u were Mr. President dt receives all manner of insults/lambasting from d citizens including u, even d ones dt weren't cause by him u will quarrel every body.
Office of d President requires some level of tolerance and maturity. Pls endeavor to make peace wit current Edo state Governor as u need him now more than he needs u...
My thought anyway!

Dele Okunlola wrote: At this point of his career when he should be seeking for votes he shouldn't even ignore his enemies because politics is all about figures/numbers I mean is a game of number and ignoring a sitting governor means displaying public ignorance of the game his playing,he knew his ambition of becoming Nigeria president is just a mirage or child's play,that it can't come to past that is why his still holding grudges against the one that can boost his chance and that is also not ready to ask you for any vote at least for now.

Terimoh Brobaeyi said: He's not mature for the office of the president...he talks too much and anyhow, malicious, agberotic in nature and a bully.

Iwu Bartholomew said: Wike is a joker 

Michael Afolabi wrote: The beginning of campaign you have identified an enemy, what we now happen when you become the president.

Festus Ifeanyi said: Wike is irrelevant and inconsequential to Obaseki and the people of Edo State.

Aliyu Shittu said: Obaseki is merciful otherwise he would have chased out that stupid gathering

Ogwu Ojone Justice: Tout can't be president of Nigeria, agboro is still ravaging in his blood

Friday Elolue wrote: His actions shows clearly that he will not be able to unify this country if given the mandate. I expected him to show maturity. What Wike shows yesterday is nothing but political rascality. No regards to constituted authority.

GudaGods Guda said: I don't blame him.
Besides leadership is from God.
It's quite unfortunate that he as a long serving politician has forgotten that there's no permanent enmity in politics.
This is a clear indication of failure.
In Peter obi I stand

Clement Ahianko Festus said: We shouldn't support impunity because of partisan politics. Wike should be mature politically and avoid politics of bitterness. 

The Rivers State Governor should apologize to his Edo counterpart for neglecting him..

What is bad is bad.

Bolaji Apeji said: He has failed already. Failure to recognize and pay homage to the State Governor is the beginning of backwardness.

Tim Phillip: Wike should be matured for once kwanu haba!, After people will still be supporting him...

During 2019 election,Gov Ifeanyi Okowa of delta state went to APC campaign, just to welcome the president the day president Buhari came to delta, and he was there when the president handed over the APC flag to their governorship candidate, Gov Okowa didn't consider that it wasn't his party.

Mehhhh, this kind of politics Wike played today is childish, there's no reason to justify his action.

Gabriel Agabi: How can a sensible person ignor his host, especially, from the same political party. It clearly shows he is not a bridge builder. He can not handle the complicated nature of our country. The same way the current dispensation missed the point when it spoke about the 95% Voters who voted into power. That was it, till date. He missed it. Is unfortunate, even though he is not even close to NIGERIANS choice of a leader... Because his zone just left power.

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  1. Let the two Governors settle their scores,if any, because,for our party to win 2023 elections,all top staked holders must be at peace.My humble submission.