If You Notice Any Of These Five Things In A Hotel Room, Kindly Leave That Place
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If You Notice Any Of These Five Things In A Hotel Room, Kindly Leave That Place

Whenever we move to places of great distance, if we are not able to get there on time, we sleep in hotel rooms or guest inn.

Now in our present days also, youths tend to love the hotel room and go there on a regular basis, due to the fun they want to catch.

Although a hotel room might look so great and nice, but there are circumstances in which you have to run for your life, we have many times heard of strange stories in hotel rooms and I have come up with some healthy life tips for you.

The purpose of this article is for some people who to care less about their safety and would always take everything for granted. So below are Five Irregularities in a Hotel Room.

1. If The Room Is Deserted: Why would you want to lodge in a hotel room in which someone has barely used for months? There may be so many strange stories behind the room that even the hotel management may or may not have knowledge of so take note.
2.If The Hotel Is In a Deserted Place: It would be one of the greatest mistake to lodge in a hotel room which is deserted, spiritually you might even take a demon along with you.

3.Leave The Hotel If There Is No Security:

Security in Nigeria, is so essential everywhere and in everything we do, it would be very bad if you would lodge in a hotel which has no security.

4. Make Background Check On the Premises: The essence of this, is that you get safe. Many hotels in recent years’ witness death cases in room, but would never let this out due to the fact that they don’t want to lose their customers.

5.Ensure You are not been watched: Whenever you are in a hotel room, check for hidden camera in the room, a simple way is by switching off all the lights, and turning on your phone camera, it would attract hidden camera.

Well these are some of my reasons, also ensure that you lodge in a hotel which has manual door instead of electronic door, also make sure that they have an emergency exit. Remember Safety first.

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