'Dan Orbih should accept the fact that he is no more the Edo State PDP Chairman'
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'Dan Orbih should accept the fact that he is no more the Edo State PDP Chairman'

By Osaze Jesuorobo

There is an adage that when a host is kind enough to invite a 'guest' to lunch, it does not mean that the guest should eat the food and take away the plates and cutlery he/she used to eat.
Mr Dan Osi Orbih, the immediate past State Chairman of PDP seems not to be aware of this adage hence he is attempting to take the Benins for a ride.

Sometime last week, some PDP Ward Secretaries from Egor Local Government Area of Edo State decided in their wisdom to pay a solidarity visit to the Senator Representing Edo South Senatorial District and Chairman of the Senate Committee on Public Accounts (the only Senate Committee cited in the 1999 Nigerian Constitution, as amended), Senator Matthew Aisagbonriodion Urhoghide, FPSN, FNAPharm. 

From the testimony of one of the Secretaries, a few days later, Dan Orbih invited them to his house and queried them for visiting the Senator. According to the ward Secretary, he asked them if they were not aware that Ogbeide-Ihama rather than Urhoghide was his preferred aspirant for the Edo South Senatorial District ticket in the forthcoming Party Primaries. He then went further to threaten them that he was going to use his position as the National Vice Chairman, South South to remove them as ward Secretaries as well as delete their names from the list of delegates to the Primaries beginning next month. Mr Dan Orbih then proceeded, according to the embattled Secretary, to order them to go on their knees before him and his court jesters with him to apologise for visiting the Senator. And of course, the naive and timid ward Secretaries foolishly went on their knees to apologise to him.

When I first heard of the news, my first reaction was anger and full rage. But on a second thought, I decided that those to be blamed are those so-called Benin leaders who have sheepishly sold their birthright to Dan Orbih for pecuniary gains. That is why Dan Orbih will sit comfortably in his sitting room, take his phone, call these his Benin stooges, old enough to be his father, by their names without respect and summon them to his house. And of course, the 'Benin leaders' will, like weather beaten and rain soaked chicks, rush to his house and genuflecting before him begin to hail him shouting "national leader, national leader". Shame on them. All for a pot of porridge!

Unfortunately, the ward secretaries did not know that Dan Orbih lacks the constitutional power to remove them as ward secretaries neither does he have the power to delete their names from the list of delegates. If they knew, they would not have subjected themselves to the humiliation of being made to kneel down before an expiring "structure controller" who capitalised on their ignorance.

For over eight years, Dan Orbih was the Edo State Chairman of PDP. For that duration of time, he never won his Ward, Ogbonna for PDP, he never won his Local Government Area, Etsako Central for PDP neither did he ever win Edo North for PDP. For over eight years as PDP Chairman, Dan Orbih could not from Edo North produce a single Ward Councillor for PDP, could not produce a single Council Chairman neither could he produce a single member of the State House of Assembly, House of Representatives or a Senator. All he ever achieved was to stuggle to sometimes win his unit after spending millions of naira to achieve the 'feat'. This is the same man who sits in his sitting room in Benin and attempts to dictate to the Benins in Edo South who becomes what. It cannot and will not happen by the Grace of God.

Dan Orbih accused the Egor ward secretaries of endorsing Senator Urhoghide which according to him was not expected of them as ward EXCO members. That is the height of sheer hypocrisy. He has forgotten that it was in his house that Oredo PDP Chairman, Oduwa Igbinosun, some Oredo EXCO members as well as some disgruntled leaders met to formally endorse Omoregie Ogbeide-Ihama as their Senatorial aspirant. Has he as a National EXCO member not also openly endorsed his financier, Governor Nyeson Wike as his Presidential aspirant? If it was good for himself and Oduwa to endorse aspirants, why is it bad for Egor ward secretaries to do the same?

It is unfortunate that Dan Orbih has either refused to learn from history or he is a poor student of history. For eight years, Adams Oshiomhole tried to play tin-god with the Benins but in 2020, he was told in a very loud and clear voice that enough was enough. The Governorship election of 2020 was not a contest between Godwin Obaseki and Osagie Ize-Iyamu. Rather, it was one between Oshiomhole who thought he was a demi-god and the Benins. And of course, the Benins sent a strong message to Oshiomhole that he could not from Iyamho decide who became what in Edo South. The same message will also be sent to Dan Orbih on May 14, 2022. On that day, Dan Orbih's political sun will set and he will be sent parking to Ogbonna or best still to his political godfather and financier in Port Harcourt.

Also, all those Benin leaders who are clapping for him for pots of porridge in his attempt to lord it over the Benins will also have political doom awaiting them after May 14. They definitely will not go scot-free for their acts of stupidity and foolishness for they are a disgrace to the Benins. 

I am not a tribalist neither do I have any bias against anyone based on tribal or religious sentiments. In fact, some of my best friends both from childhood and now are non Benins. However, there is an adage that when there is too much dirt in a cup, even the blind will see it.

Finally, Dan Orbih should accept the fact that he is no more the Edo State PDP Chairman. His tenure ended two years ago after two failed attempts to produce a PDP Governor in the State.

The incumbent State PDP Chairman is Dr Tony Aziegbemi. As such, Dan Orbih should stop parading himself as the leader of PDP in the State. His era is gone and gone for good. There is a sitting Chairman of PDP in Edo State. He should give the man a breathing space to operate. Afterall, he tolerated no opposition from anyone during his days as PDP Chairman.

My advice to him is to leave Edo South affairs alone, go back home and strategise on how to win elections for PDP in the forthcoming general elections.
A man who cannot win ordinary Councillorship election in his native Edo North has no business interfering in the political activities of Edo South.

Enough is enough, he must be told in clear and simple message.

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