A Rabble Rouser Called Wike

A Rabble Rouser Called Wike

Since the advent of democratic governance in Nigeria in 1999, one Governor who has distinguished himself as a careless talker, an infamous dramatist cum rabble rouser is no other than Wike. I am very sure that the good people of Rivers State would be regretting why they voted for Wike who has become notorious 
on national television as an entertainer of many negative parts.

Nigerians and indeed, Rivers people now know him as a loquacious and lousy persona non grata.
For the records, Wike is renowned to be a back-stabber and a desperate politician who is ready to trade his own blood brother without bating an eye lid, he always wants to be popular for the very wrong reasons.
His betrayal of the immediate past Chairman of the PDP, Chief Uche Secondus and Chubike Amaechi are two glaring cases that readily comes to mind. 

Wike is trying to pull the stunts and antics as the ignoble Putin of Nigerian politics over Edo, but he shall utterly fail because he is threading on dangerous grounds, like never before because Edo is not Rivers.
Edo people are able and ready to decimate him politically anyday , anytime. 

We don't tolerate godfathers in Edo, there is no place for them here. If Wike must know, Edo is not Rivers. It is a show of shame for Wike to always appear on television and be grandstanding on issues, casting aspersions and denigrating personalities.

Wike will sooner than later, wear out and expire from the political space because his unholy desperation to be president or vice president will never see the light of day.

He says he is a barrister, but it is obvious that responsible people of the 'Learned Profession' don't and won't behave like a rascal that he is.
Wike, to say the least, is a busybody and a meddlesome interloper, bereft of creative ideas and knows next to nothing. 


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