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It is painfully unfortunate but perfectly appropriate to invoke a popular parlance of our people to the effect that, the attempted beautification of a pig with a lipstick can never transform the innate ugliness of the gutter and sewage-prone despicable mammal. 

Truth is that the former lawyer, vast in the infamous artistry of scripting fictitious crude oil –loaded vessel documents at the Waterline criminal ghetto area in Port Harcourt, is still who he is from past years.

Wike has not also been able to outgrow his background as a thug at the Mile 12 Junction area of the once-treasured Garden City so neglected and degraded by Nyesom Wike to become the Trash City of Nigeria. 

Nyesom Wike is nothing but a thug who stumbled into governorship. Gentleman ex-Governor Odili must have thought that he could enhance the anthropological DNA of a perfidious and unscrupulous lost soul with abhorrent pedigree by initially giving Wike an elevated position in government, now almost 8 years in an otherwise respectable position, Wike remains an uncouth character with abysmal deficit of refinement in human dispositions and political predilections.

Wike has acquired an odious reputation of a vacuous –headed, low –class politician, pathologically tethered to eccentric hubris, political garrulousness and irretrievable arrogance. Possessing the social skills at the level of an elementary school yard bully, Wike, measures the quality of his contribution or reaction to any situation by the quantity of his vituperations.

The Mile 12 and Waterline thug perpetually confuses bellicose and hollow loudness with intelligence.
This was definitely the bases on which Wike launched into an orgy of tantrums last week in reaction to the visit of the national chairman of the PDP, Professor Iyorchia Ayu, seeking to engender unity and peace in the affairs of the party in Edo State.  

Apparently, Wike took umbrage at the fact that Deputy Governor Philip Shaibu had spoken to the urgency for the PDP national organ to recognize the exigency in handling the lingering issue of harmonization in the state; Shaibu’s justifiable concern was that the people who followed Governor Obaseki to the PDP were being maliciously and deliberately hampered from seamless integration into the PDP despite the earnest and selfless pragmatism of the Governor.

Wike who has been surreptitiously involved in fanning the flame of disunity in Edo PDP family through his overfed lapdog, Dan Orbih, could not conceal his anger that an independent and democratic move towards peaceful reconciliation of affairs in Edo State was a new possibility. Wike, consequently, jumped from the roof, simmering with rage, anxiety and desperation that his egotistic fantasy as the anchor of the South-South PDP leadership was about to confront a reality test in Edo State. 

Try as he might to change his rapidly declining fortune, the hellish road to Wike’s political perdition will unchangeably pass through Benin.

As he descended into the vortex of anxiety, Wike seem to have been traumatized to the point of exacerbated amnesia when he attempted to regressively re-construct the story of how Governor Godwin Obaseki joined the PDP. 

Wike seem to have conveniently forgotten the tattered nature and the embarrassing status of the PDP in Edo State when Governor Obaseki was actively lobbied by some PDP Governors and leaders to consider joining the party following his ( Governor Obaseki) decision to leave the APC based on principled unresolvable differences with the party. 

Just as there were other political party formations prevailing on Governor Obaseki to move to their own political structure, Wike was particularly insistent in appealing, literally prostrating in genuflection that the Edo State Governor should come to the PDP. 

At that moment of history in 2020, the PDP far needed Obaseki more than the Governor needed the PDP.
Only persons afflicted with dangerous stages of dementia like Wike will so easily forget that Governor Obaseki was by himself in an unquestionably popular and electorally formidable position in 2020 to win his second term bid under any political party. 

True, while it was raining when the PDP offered Governor Obaseki an umbrella, but the roof under which the Governor supposedly found shelter was precariously leaky. Prior to Governor Obaseki joining the PDP, the Dan Orbih-PDP fraction had not won any gubernatorial election, in the past 12 years,
It should be particularly noted that Wike’s overfed lapdog, the dubious ANPP defector, Dan Orbih has never won his polling unit in over a decade while parading himself and illegitimately sitting tight as PDP Chairman in Edo State. If Dan Orbih ever triumphed in his polling unit in any election, he is hereby challenged to offer a counter proof. 

Wike seeks to offer himself permission to frolic and gallivant as the South-South leader of the PDP while imposing electorally worthless characters like Dan Orbih as regional leaders of the party.

In his characteristic bombast, Wike recently gave expression to his hallucination that he engineered and orchestrated Governor Obaseki’s second term victory. How can this be true? Does Wike not have the comprehensive map of the state to have known that while he was supposedly facilitating Governor Obaseki’s victory in Edo South, he could also have aided his long-time domestic staff (Dan Orbih) to also win his polling unit in the same 2020 election in Edo North? But Danny boy lost as usual. 

Let history also guide us to recall that Wike was in Benin in the 2016 Governorship Election, how come he couldn’t deliver, Ize-Iyamu, the then PDP gubernatorial flag-bearer? This goes to show that Wike had zero, nill, no strategic capacity whatsoever to really help anyone achieve electoral victory outside his besieged Port Hacourt neighborhood. 

If Edo people had hoped for victory by the Dan Orbih/Wike rickety political machine in the 2020 election, our amiable Governor would not have been presiding from Osadebe Avenue today.

There’s an exigency with obligation to history to unravel the whole truth about the surreptitious political scheme involving Dan Orbih and Wike to hijack political power and turn Edo State to minion satellite location of Wike. The plot has collapsed and a more detailed narrative will be rendered in the next chapter. The perilous road to Wike’s political perdition will pass through Benin.

Oteghe Adams writes from Benin-City, Edo State.

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