Nollywood Discourages Money Rituals, Not Promote It — Actor, Jide Awobona
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Nollywood Discourages Money Rituals, Not Promote It — Actor, Jide Awobona


Jide Awobona, a Nigerian actor, is of the view that Nollywood movies actually discourage money rituals, rather than promote it.

This is against the backdrop of rising cases of ritual killings in Nigeria, which some have said can be blamed on movies which promote such things.

In an interview with Sunday Scoop, Awobona said, “I don’t think Nollywood movies are to blame for the increase in ritual killings. I would rather say that social media has done a lot to expose a lot of societal ills that had been happening (over time). Those things did not just start today. However, because we did not use to hear about them (as much as we do now) does not mean it is a new phenomenon.

“As a matter of fact, Nollywood movies actually discourage people from engaging in ritual killings, not promote it. When rituals are depicted in movie, we are just telling stories based on what obtains in society and at the end of the day, it would be didactic. In those movies, the people who engage in rituals don’t end well.

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“Our stories are designed to teach morals and correct ills to stop people from doing bad things. As a matter of fact, I feel Nollywood is doing a lot to stop people from doing bad things.”

On what he won’t do in the pursuit of fame, the actor said, “I won’t do anything negative in the pursuit of fame. I have come this far by not doing such. I try to stay in my lane, and respect people as much as I can. I do things that showcase my work. I won’t do the crazy things a lot of people do to get fame. When I wanted to start acting, being famous was not on my mind. I never knew that being famous came with being an actor. I just wanted to act. I was surprised that when one acts, people would know one, and one would lose one’s privacy. I love my privacy.”

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