International Women’s Day: Edo committed to Breaking the Bias

International Women’s Day: Edo committed to Breaking the Bias

Women have, over time, played crucial roles in the evolution of civilizations. They have changed the course of history with the sheer power of their determination, imagination, zeal, conscientiousness and dexterity.

As we mark the International Women’s Day today, March 8, 2022, we celebrate these unparalleled virtues that women have upheld for generations, in breaking barriers, charting new paths and redefining society to become more inclusive, open, accommodating and liberating.

While women continue to push themselves to the limit in making impactful change, it is regrettable that some elements in society continue to create hurdles that set boundaries, which limit the full expression of the potential of our mothers, wives, sisters and daughters.  

In the wake of the recent developments around women rights, especially with the recent action of the National Assembly to sustain the old order that limits the voices of women in the political scene, it has become imperative to take a stand with Nigerian women in advocating for the need to #BreakTheBias and create a more inclusive society.

In Edo State, the commitment to gender parity is displayed by creating opportunities for women to occupy critical, top-level positions in our government. At the Executive Council, we have not less than 30 percent of commissioners and Special Advisers as women. In the civil and public service, women occupy at least 50 percent of the position of Permanent Secretaries. In the last administration, we had a Special Adviser and 18 Special Assistants to drive our gender parity policy. All of these were geared towards putting women at the front-role sit for decision-making. 

These women have proven to be efficient, goal-driven and result-oriented, leading very strategic Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) and delivering impressive results that have in no small measure engendered impactful reforms for the benefit of all Edo people.

We are even more committed to breaking more barriers that hinder women from realizing their full potential and would continue to provide more opportunities for women to push the limits and attain the pinnacle of their chosen endeavour.

From advocacy and activism to promoting inclusive policies, our stance on gender inclusion is clear and unmistakable. Women are our rare gems in Edo State and we will continue to celebrate them this International Women’s Day and always. 

Godwin Obaseki
Governor, Edo State

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