Drama In Court As Alleged Killer Of UNIJOS Student Turns To Gospel Singer During Trial In Court

Drama In Court As Alleged Killer Of UNIJOS Student Turns To Gospel Singer During Trial In Court

The trial of Moses Okoh, a 20- year- old student of the University of Jos who is standing trial at the High Court in Jos for allegedly killing his girlfriend, suddenly turned into a gospel concert as the accused began to sing loudly as witnesses testify in the ongoing trial.

This is not the first time the accused, Okoh, will be exhibiting this kind of drama. On his first appearance in court, he did the same thing when he was being questioned while in the dock and he refused to say anything. This time around, instead of answering the questions thrown to him, he resorted to singing a gospel song and went mute after, acting abnormally again.

Meanwhile, his drama does not stop the day’ s proceedings as two witnesses who work in the hotel he allegedly killed his girlfriend on January 1st testify. The first witness, Mr. Akubo Lazarus of Busa Buji, Jos, a receptionist at the Domus Pacis Hotel, Jos, told the court that he received the accused person as a guest in the hotel on December 31, 2021, and lodged him in Room 302.

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” The defendant, who checked in as Moses Oche, came to our hotel at about 4 pm on December 31. He came alone but the late Jennifer joined him a few hours later and he hurriedly came downstairs and took her to the room. I closed for the day and went home and returned on January 1st for my morning shift. The accused at about noon came to me to check out and I left him at the reception to check the room for any damages.

” On getting to the room, I met the lifeless body of a female on the floor in a pool of her blood. I raised the alarm but he had already absconded from the premises, ” he said.

The other witness, one Mrs. Elizabeth Dung, a kitchen attendant at the same Hotel, told the court that she served the defendant two plates of food and cutlery set on the fateful date of the murder.

She said: ” I was in the kitchen when the defendant came to me and asked for two plates of food. I took the food to him with two spoons and two forks.

” I know all the cutlery in the kitchen, having worked there for a long time. The fork shown to me in the court now is the same one I served him that day.

” I recognize the accused person as the same person I served food to on December 31 and the fork is the same one I served him. But it was not bent and it did not have bloodstains when I served him. “

The matter will continue on the next adjourned date.

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