China Reacts As US warns against assisting Russia
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China Reacts As US warns against assisting Russia

China has reacted to claims that it helped Russia invade Ukraine with drones and other military hardware.
Russia has requested military and economic aid from China, according to the US.

If China aids Russia, the US has warned that there will be consequences.

In response to the claim, Liu Pengyu, a spokeswoman for the Chinese embassy in the United States, told CNN that he was unaware of it.

“I’ve never heard of that,” Pengyu said.Pengyu expressed concern for “the Ukraine situation” describing it as “indeed disconcerting”.

Part of the statement read, “China has and will continue to provide humanitarian assistance to Ukraine.

“The high priority now is to prevent the tense situation from escalating or even getting out of control.

“China calls for exercising utmost restraint and preventing a massive humanitarian crisis.”

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