Why couples should go out with side chicks for val, Pastor
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Why couples should go out with side chicks for val, Pastor

Ekaete Bassey 

An unidentified female preacher has recommended what couples should do to avoid God’s punishment as regards Valentine’s Day outing.

The woman in a viral video on Instagram insisted that a married man who desires to go out with a side chick for Valentine’s Day celebration must carry along his wife and vice versa.

She however argued anyone that who goes out with their side chicks/guys without their partners will definitely attract the wrath of God.

She said: “It’s Valentine season now, it’s a season of different ungodly activities.

“You, young girls now that will be looking for somebody’s husband to go out with. It will be a sin to make another woman unhappy.

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“Whatever you’re doing this time, season of Valentine, they call it the season of love. Make sure that you are going out with your partner.

“If you decide to go out with another woman as a married man then, add your wife.

“If you decide to go out with another man as a married woman, make sure that your husband is going out with you people.

“And as a young girl, you decide that it’s sugar daddy that you want to go out with this season, make sure that you tell the sugar daddy to bring his wife along.

“And as a young man, you decide that you want to go out with somebody’s wife uncle, tell the woman to come along with her husband.

She added: “What is good for one is good for another. Do not attract curses on yourself by you leaving your wife at home and going out with another girl.

“No, if you insist as a married man that you must go out with that lady, let your wife be there too. And same to a married woman.

“And if you decide to do otherwise, you will receive punishment.”

The Nation Newspaper.

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