Esan Traditional Marriage List
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Esan Traditional Marriage List

(1.) The Holy Bible
(2.) An Umbrella
(3.) A box filled wrappers
(4.) N 24(Naira) (representing 24 cowries or British pounds used in the pre-colonial and colonial days). For the dowry.
(5.) N5,000 for the bride’s mother
(6.) N9,000 for the bride’s lineage
N3,000 for the bride’s father
(7.) N6,000 for the women in bride’s lineage
(8.) 28 tubers of yam (7X4)
(9.) 14 tubers of yam for elders in the bride’s lineage
(10.) 6 Cartons of beer for the men, could be less sometimes.
(11.) 3 Crates of malts for the women
(12.) 25 litres of palm oil
(13.) 1 jar of palm wine (get the real measurement locally)
(14.) 2 bottles of Schnapps
(15.) 1 Plate of Kola nut
(16.) 1 Carton of wine for sundry usage, usually in the possession of the groom.

This is a guide to put your mind at rest and also to give you a glimpse of what it takes to marry from ESANLAND in Nigeria bearing in mind that there are different ethnic groups with their own requirements for traditional marriage.

Note: The list may vary from community to community.

Source: #esansonsanddaughters

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