Edo state government clamps down on cars without registration numbers
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Edo state government clamps down on cars without registration numbers

“The Edo State Government is worried over the number of vehicles without registration numbers plying our roads. Some vehicles are masked, some without numbers at all. Some with plate numbers either side of the vehicle: they have a number at the front and no number at the back or have a number at the back, and none at the front.”

“They use some of these vehicles to perpetrate a lot of atrocities. In case of a hit-and-run incident, you cannot identify the vehicles. The state government gave the directive that EDSTMA should go all out to make sure people without plate numbers are apprehended and that is why the operation started."

“There have been sensitizations through the press. The Secretary to the State Government and the State Deputy Governor have plate numbers on their vehicles. I see no reason why people will flaunt the law unnecessarily. Some of these vehicles have plate numbers but they are masked with either black cellophane or nylon."

“Some remove their numbers. Others keep vehicles in their houses without registration and come out only at night to use it to work and when they have accidents, you cannot identify them and they just go away free. This is why we started the operation.”

"They will have to get a clearance to come and collect the vehicles."

“You bought a vehicle for N5 to 10 million and now you cannot even afford to put a registration number of about N30,000 to N35,000; that is absurd. Any motorist arrested will pass through this process and go through a compulsory training. For those of them who resist arrest, we're going to send them to the psychiatric hospital. What we are doing is to make sure they comply with the law."

- Managing Director, Edo State Traffic Control and Management Agency (EDSTMA), Dennis Oloriegbe

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