Obaseki charges new political appointees on devt of Edo communities

Obaseki charges new political appointees on devt of Edo communities

The Edo State Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, on Friday, swore-in newly appointed political aides, charging them to further add value to the government by contributing their quota to the development of the state and their communities.

The governor noted that any political leader or highly placed citizen who fails to support the government’s developmental plan for the state is an enemy of Edo state.

Obaseki swore in Lady Uwa Osunbor, Special Adviser, Political, Edo South as well as 10 Senior Special Assistants (SSAs) and 30 Special Assistants (SAs) from Egor and Uhunmwonde Local Government Areas (LGAs).

The governor urged them to use their office to attract development into the state rather than joining other retrogressive forces to slow the development of the state.

He noted, “Any political leader or highly placed citizen who fails to support our development in Edo State is our enemy. We have no reason not to make progress as we have been able to achieve a lot in the last five years.

"As politicians, we should influence the government to ensure infrastructural development is attracted to our community. Leaders should work for the people, as the days where leaders think of themselves are over. We are occupying privileged positions, which we ought to utilize to change the lives of our people.

"People are angry with progress as our detractors abuse us in the social media daily trying to rubbish all the efforts we have put in the last five years. We have not stolen money, rather we took the money from them to work for Edo people and it's not a crime. They tried to stop us but failed because Edo must move forward.”

He continued: “The politics of Nigeria has changed as the politics played in 1999 has expired and anyone trying to play 1999 politics today will certainly fail. We have started a new politics, which is politics of development and anything short of that is designed to fail.

"In 1999, there was no mobile phone, no social media but today all that has changed as politics is run now with social media.

"Looking at Uhunmwonde as the poorest local government in Edo state one will wonder the effect of their political leaders. You, new leaders and political actors will be held responsible if the local government remains poor. Your appointment is not for you but for the people; it's for you to use the position to positively affect the lives of the people.

"You must deliver services to the people. The appointment is for you to work for the people; you will be sacked in three months if you fail to deliver,” Obaseki noted.

In her response on behalf of the newly inaugurated appointees, Lady Uwa Osunbor thanked the governor for the opportunity to serve Edo people, reassuring that they will do their best to ensure the government succeeds.

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