NLNG Suspends Exportation Of Cooking Gas, Approves 100% Domestic Supply

NLNG Suspends Exportation Of Cooking Gas, Approves 100% Domestic Supply

Sharon Ikeazor, Minister of State in the Ministry of Environment, has praised Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas (NLNG) Limited for taking the bold step of suspending cooking gas exports while sanctioning 100 percent domestic supply.

In a statement, Director Pres Sagir El Mohommed said that such a daring initiative was a welcome development and a step in the correct way that will not only lower commodities prices but also provide relief to our forests and ecosystems.

“For us in the environment sector, this singular decision will not only help in restoring our forests and addressing some of our climate challenges, but will also facilitate the attainment of our Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) and other aspects of the Paris Agreement,” she said, praising NLNG for its sensitivity and responsiveness to the plight of Nigerians.

Ikeazor recalled that shortly after the increase in the prices of cooking gas in the country, millions of Nigerians could no longer afford the commodity and consequently resorted to firewood and charcoal as alternatives.

According to her, “The unhealthy development has been so severe on the forest ecosystem that the reserves and even trees outside the forests were not spared.”

While regretting that cutting the forests for fuel wood and charcoal has been a major cause of deforestation and other climate change challenges, the Minister lamented that wood and charcoal smokes contribute to air pollution and other pollutants that produce greenhouse gases.

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