New Year Message Of The HAG/Commissioner For Justice
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New Year Message Of The HAG/Commissioner For Justice

Sometimes we are caught between celebrating the passing of the old year and proclaiming the promise of a new one.

As we bid good bye to 2021 and welcome 2022, I salute all Law Officers and support Staff in the Edo State Ministry of Justice for weathering the peculiar challenges we all just went through.

In 2021, we moved into modern, fit for purpose offices, worked together with our consultants to re-engineer our structures, processes and work flows.
We welcomed a new SG/PS while I had the unique privilege of being chosen to lead our team into a challenging future.

In the year ahead, we shall together strive to meet and exceed the performance goals we have set for ourselves in our effort to become the engine which is the beating heart of the governance process in the new MEGA Edo State!

We shall be witnessing the momentous birth of our new zonal offices.

I would be deceitful if I assured us that the road ahead will be easy. It certainly won’t be.

I can assure you all however that we shall all be together on the same boat striving to make Edo’s largest Law office truly deserving of its place in the vanguard of the change we are living through.

As usual, I shall be with you in the trenches, fighting the daily unsung battles that protect, promote and project our people.

Sadly, some of us may not find a place in this new vehicle and we may have to proceed without them.

I am however sure that the overwhelming number of us are ready and willing to adapt to the challenges of change. The benefits for those who can so adapt will be enormous.

I therefore wish us all a happy, productive and beneficial new year 2022!

May we all prove worthy of the task set before us.

Oluwole Iyamu SAN, MCArb.

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