More shocking revelations in Ambrose Alli University
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More shocking revelations in Ambrose Alli University

What is playing out in AAU is practically inexplicable.

1. The visitor, backed by Law,  sets up an intervention team to revive and  reposition an institution that is ailing terribly.

2. ASUU hardliners, without a Congress resolution, drags government to court.

3. Without Congress resolution, the same cabal proceeds to embark on a rash of press releases maligning and discrediting members of the SIT.

4. The cabal openly misinforms the undiscerning members of the university community about the efforts of government to pay outstanding emoluments of staff. 

5. We have learnt now that threats of physical attacks are being issued. 

6. The achievements of the SIT are there for everyone to see. Net salaries paid up to November. Outstanding deductions being discussed for settlement. Discipline is being entrenched. Corruption, extortion and sexual harassment being investigated and sanctioned. 

IGR being grown and taken away from control of corrupt ASUU leaders. Much more. 
Is it true that ASUU is being sponsored by external forces? 

Does government know that a vast majority of staff appreciate and support government's intervention. 

Is government unaware that it cannot successfully clean up the University while this  style and character of Unionism stays in place? 

We call on the governor to suspend ASUU during this intervention period. A stitch in time saves nine! 

-Concerned Academic staff of AAU

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Good morning my great Comrade. More of this should be expected. Let it not border you.

The cabal that had always held AAU to ransoms are still at work. The cabal is made up of ASUU activists, Senior Staff Club regulars, Cultists capons and disgruntled elements in the system.

Committee reports and recommendations had in the past been attacked and frustrated. They expect as usual these reports are never acted on and the rot remains unchecked.

The corrupt and examination/academic process manipulative lecturers are jittery. They see the recent sacking of some of them as an indication that their end has come.

I am sure, just as their first open letter to the Visitor was ignored, this should equally be ignored. 

Some of us stand solidify behind the SIT and its mandate. Our prayer is for the total sanitization and repositioning of AAUE.

Solidarity is forever.

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Good morning sir. Happy new year once again. Sir. I see all these folks have been writing. Sir it's very unfair to the great Job that the SIT is doing in AAU Ekpoma. Sir these Unions are the major problem of AAU Ekpoma... Sir the Special intervention Law is in force and the Ambrose Alli University law is under the special intervention Law 2021 by today. Sir the Special intervention Law should be used to suspend staff Unionism until the special intervention period is exhausted. That is one of the main ways the  SIT will be able to make relevant changes in this University that will bring great improvement and lasting legacies.

Absenteeism of Lecturers from their duty post is the major reason why academic excellence will always elude the university  and sharp practices prevail. Sir there are lecturers that are seen in school two or three times in a whole semester. Some courses are not even taught but exams set. ASKING LECTURERS TO SIGN IN AND SIGN OUT IS THE WAY. In Abraka they clock in and clock out. SIR ITS TIME TO USE THE SPECIAL INTERVENTION LAWS TO SUSPEND STAFF UNIONISM So that the University can progress. 

Great day sir.

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