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By Ik Osamede

It is time we got rid of politics of sentiments and parochial considerations for a better Egor Local Government Area. The politics of Edo State has gone pass that level. Governor Godwin Obaseki already has changed that by subconsciously telling Edo people that governance should be about delivering dividends of democracy for the good of the people.

Hence, in Egor, it is time we reward excellence with a good deed. Out of all the chairmen Egor LGA has produced, Egor is yet to see one that has performed up to the standard of the lady called Hon. Eghe Ogbemudia. 

In the past, former LGA chairmen of Egor only cared about revenue collection with no interest in performance or construction of critical projects.

Hon. Eghe Ogbemudia has changed that with the numerous projects in Egor to her credit. Hence the epithet, 'madam projects'. It is on record that in the first 4 months of her inauguration, she started, completed and commissioned a brand new primary school for the benefit of the good people of Egor LGA.

Leave performance aside for a minute and consider how epoch making her tenure was as the first elected female council chairman. As a woman some people didn't expect much from her but she proved them wrong by performing extraordinarily well. 

It is on record that every visit of dignitaries to Egor LGA during her tenure was always to commission landmark projects.  That is the continuity we want - projects, projects and more projects. That's why Egor people have decided that it is Hon. Eghe Ogbemudia they want to continue to complement the great works of the wake and see Governor of Edo State, Mr Godwin Nogheghase Obaseki, AKA the Ematon.

Indeed it is #EgheOClock #EgheAgain #3+3Torgba

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