Edo advances on smart waste mgt technology to tackle trash problems in communities

Edo advances on smart waste mgt technology to tackle trash problems in communities

The Nigeria Erosion and Watershed Management Project (NEWMAP) in Edo State has intensified the deployment of its newly launched smart waste management technology to address the waste crisis across the 18 local government areas in the state.

The mobile application, according to the Coordinator of Edo NEWMAP, Dr. Tom Obaseki, is aimed at curbing indiscriminate waste disposal, especially plastic, aluminum, and other non-degradable materials.

The project is rallying and sensitizing stakeholders and Community Interest Groups (CIGs) on the usage of the smart plastic waste recycling scheme to tackle trash problems in the state.

According to Obaseki, the ‘eTrash Pick and Sell’ Android application will enable NEWMAP to preserve physical infrastructure constructed for erosion and flood control.

According to Obaseki, “The Edo NEWMAP has continued to explore more efficient effective means to solve the problem of flood and erosion across Edo communities.

“On the back of this, we recently launched a plastic redemption application to assist in dealing with the threat posed by plastic waste clogging stormwater drains and natural moats across communities in Edo State.

He continued: “To achieve the successful deployment of this smart waste management technology across Edo, knowing that indiscriminate waste disposal is one of the greatest threat to the sustainability of our infrastructure, we have embarked on stakeholders and community enlightenment and sensitization meetings with Edo NEWMAP Community Associations as well as community members in the three pilot sites for the application’s deployment, including Ogiso, Urora and Gapiona.

“We are also conducting field training and engaging Edo NEWMAP Workforce members on the usage of the ‘eTrash Pick and Sell Android App’ to ensure the successful deployment of this smart technology to address the state’s waste management crisis and solve the problem of flooding and erosion.”

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