Suspected Thief Found Dead Under Vehicle At Mechanic Workshop
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Suspected Thief Found Dead Under Vehicle At Mechanic Workshop

A suspected thief was found dead under a vehicle parked for repair at a mechanic village in Ago Egun in Idiroko border area of Ogun State.

It was learnt that the suspected thief might be trying to steal some parts of the vehicle while the hydraulic jack he used in lifting the vehicle failed and fell on him.

The Commander of the So-Safe Corps,a security outfit owned by the state government, Soji Ganzalo, said his men while on routine patrol found a dead body of a man under a vehicle that had been parked for long at the mechanic workshop.

The body, according to him, was discovered at about 6 pm at Ago Egun on Thursday.

Ganzallo said, “Preliminary investigation revealed that the vehicle has been allegedly abandoned and neglected at the scene of the incident, which happens to be a deserted mechanic workshop for almost two years, but all efforts of the owner of the land to get the mechanic engineer to take the car away from the space proved abortive.

“The body of the deceased and the items found at the scene – a red colour hydraulic and scissor jacks, and some sets of spanners, were taken to the Nigeria Police, Idiroko Divisional Headquarters for further investigation and likely prosecution,” he stated.

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