Nigerian Army Enlists 5,800 New Soldiers
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Nigerian Army Enlists 5,800 New Soldiers

The Nigerian Army enlisted 5,800 new soldiers on Saturday in order to expand and protect the country’s territory.

The Chief of Army Staff, Lt.-Gen Farouk Yahaya, charged the new soldiers during their Passing Out Parade from the Nigerian Army Depot in Zaria on Saturday to be ready to defend Nigeria’s territorial integrity at all costs.

The 5,800 new soldiers are part of the Nigerian Army’s Zaria Depot’s 81 Regular Recruit Intake.

Nigeria, according to General Yahaya, is currently dealing with a slew of security issues brought on by Boko Haram terrorists, armed bandits, kidnappers, secessionist agitators, and other criminal elements.

The COAS, who was also the Reviewing Officer at the POP, stated that the security challenges can only be overcome by the Nigerian Army’s collective resolve and effort, including that of newly recruited officers and soldiers.

“You must be ready to go wherever ordered to defend the territorial integrity of Nigeria at any cost. You must obey all legitimate orders issued to you by your superiors no matter how unpleasant. It is also necessary to highlight that you are subject to both civil and military laws. As such, you must avoid any act that is inimical and poses a danger to the interest of the Nigerian Army, the Armed Forces of Nigeria and the Nation in general,” he said.

 He, however, commended the efforts of Depot Nigerian Army for turning out brilliant soldiers for the country.

“Today marks yet another chapter in the history of this great institution and the Nigerian Army as we welcome a new set of soldiers into our noble profession. Depot Nigerian Army since its establishment in 1924 has borne the responsibility of molding selected able bodied citizens into well trained and disciplined soldiers to meet the manpower demands of the Nigerian Army. This function is of utmost importance and remains relevant considering the numerous security challenges presently bedeviling our great nation.”

“Distinguish invited guests, ladies and gentlemen, I am glad to report that Depot Nigerian Army has continued to plan and conduct its training activities in compliance with the Army Headquarters Training Directives whilst also taking cognizance of my vision of having “A Professional Nigerian Army Ready to Accomplish Assigned Missions Within a Joint Environment in Defence of Nigeria”.

“The institution has continued to evolve innovative ways of improving existing training standards in order to meet up with the demands of the dynamic contemporary operating environment. The introduction of cyclic training which affords every recruit the opportunity to participate actively in all training activities has translated in the production of highly skilled and professional young soldiers poised to serve in the Nigerian Army in various trade and non-trade capacities.

“It is heartwarming to note that these young soldiers of 81 Regular Recruit Intake are already being reputed for their high level of physical fitness, discipline and motivation. These attributes are encouraging and will indeed contribute to enhancing the strength as well as combat efficiency of the Service.

“The excellent parade we witnessed today further affirms numerous reports of the excellent performances recorded throughout the past months of rigorous military training. This is a clear testimony of the zeal and enthusiasm of these young men to serve our father land meritoriously. I am certain that the basic military skills that have been inculcated in the course will position them to efficiently perform all tasks in the field no matter how daunting.

“I therefore urge all the new soldiers to maintain a high standard of professionalism and remain good ambassadors of Depot Nigerian Army, the Nigerian Army and the Armed Forces of Nigeria.

“As for the passing out recruits, you are all aware, Nigeria is currently facing numerous security challenges such as the activities of Boko Haram Terrorists, armed bandits, kidnappers, secessionist agitators and other criminal elements. I wish to state that these security challenges can only be surmounted by the collective resolve and effort of every officer and soldier of the Nigerian Army including those of you passing out today.

“I therefore urge you all to apply the mental, physical and moral training acquired over the past few months as well as those you will be exposed to at your respective units, formations and corps. I expect you all to uphold the Nigerian Army Core Values of Loyalty, Selfless Service, Courage, Discipline, Integrity and Respect for Others which are sacred to all our personnel. These values along with other cherished ethos of the Nigerian Army if well imbibed and upheld will help you attain great heights in your chosen career.

“May I at this juncture remind you of the importance of the Oath of Attestation that you have all sworn to. By this oath you are under obligation to remain loyal to constituted authorities at all times and place the interest of the nation ahead of your personal convictions.

“I urge you to always remain loyal especially to the Constitution and the President Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria,” he said.

One of the highlights of the event was a beautiful parade by the graduating recruits and a physical fitness demonstration that wowed the invited guests and families of the new soldiers.

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