Man Sells Baby For N350,000 After Lying To Mother He Was Stillbirth

Man Sells Baby For N350,000 After Lying To Mother He Was Stillbirth

Appolos Ndubuisi, 40, was arrested for reportedly selling a baby boy for N350,000 in the Obingwa Local Government Area of Abia State’s Owoahia-Afor community.

Ndubuisi, who allegedly tricked the woman into believing the baby died following delivery, allegedly colluded with Rose Godwin Chinweikpe, who runs a maternity facility in the Owoahia-Afor village.

The infant boy who was claimed to be a stillbirth belonged to Ndubuisi’s alleged wife, Deborah Onukaogu, according to Vanguard.

Mrs Janet Agbede, the Commissioner of Police in Abia State, told journalists in Umuahia that Deborah Onukaogu fell pregnant for Appolos Ndubuisi, a native of Umuariaga village in the state’s Ikwuano council area, in 2020.

Onukaogu admitted to the police that Ndubuisi was never lawfully married to Onukaogu through traditional or Christian marriage procedures.

However, Onukaogu was reported to have given birth to a baby boy on June 26, 2021, but the suspects, Ndubuisi and Rose, plotted and claimed that the baby was stillborn, according to the CP.

Deborah became pregnant again for Ndubuisi, who urged her to return to Rose’s maternity home for another delivery.

Deborah, who suspected foul play in connection with the alleged stillbirth, filed a report with the police, which resulted in the arrest of the two suspects.

“The complainant, Mrs. Deborah Onukaogu accepted the story that her baby was a stillbirth in good faith and subsequently became pregnant again to the same man. Ndubuisi suggested that she should go to the same maternity home where she had the alleged stillbirth. Deborah objected but the supposed husband, Appolos Ndubuisi insisted and told her that they would sell the unborn child on delivery.

“This statement heightened Deborah’s suspicion on what must have happened to the previous child which they claimed died on delivery and she reported to the Police. Investigation revealed that the purported stillbirth of the first child was not true.

“The complainant delivered a baby boy on 26th June 2021 but the suspects conspired and sold the child for N350, 000. Investigation also revealed that N300, 000 was given to Ndubuisi, the presumed husband to Deborah while the balance of N50, 000 was taken by Rose Godwin as her delivery expenses.”

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