How did snake get into Lance Corporal Bercy’s toilet?
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How did snake get into Lance Corporal Bercy’s toilet?

According to a news that was published by various newspapers in Nigeria yesterday, it was made known that a female personnel of the Nigerian Air Force, Lance Corporal Bercy Ogah, has given up the ghost on Friday after a poisonous snake entered inside the water closet in her apartment at the NAF Base, Bill Clinton Drive in Abuja and bit her while she was sitting on it.

Lance Corporal Bercy Ogah
Photo Credit: Punch Newspaper
However, many people might be wondering on how the poisonous snake managed to enter her toilet, here are possible ways snakes enter people’s apartments.

1. Snakes do get into people’s toilets if the toilet window is opened and there is no net to prevent either mosquitoes or other insects from entering. Snakes are known for climbing trees and as thus, it will as well be easy for them to enter a house through it windows if there is nothing to prevent them.

However, if there is no net on your toilet’s window and it is always widely opened, always close your water closet with its cover in order to prevent snakes or any other dangerous aquatic creatures from hiding inside.

2. They enter inside toilet through broken pipes. If you notice that there is a hole around your soak-away or there is a broken pipe connecting your toilet to the soak-away, make sure it is fixed on time so that snakes won’t crawl inside to gain entrance into your apartment.

3. If there is broken ceiling in your toilet or other places, fix that as well because long snakes can convenient reach arboreal heights of up to 47 feet, which makes it easy for them to climb your wall and enter the roofing of your apartment till they are discovered.

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