Edo state is not blessed with a vibrant, visionary and knowledgeable opposition in the form of APC

Edo state is not blessed with a vibrant, visionary and knowledgeable opposition in the form of APC

… Edo APC is clueless and lacks vision

…Governor Godwin Obaseki and PDP will continue to deliver on good governance!

In the last few weeks the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP in Edo State has been trying to understand and study the newly selected members that make up the State Working Committee of the All Progressive Congress, APC, in Edo state. We have been trying to comprehend if this new team is motivated or propelled by the need to serve Edo state and her people. We have been wondering if APC has a vision for the future or they are stuck in the past.

We have reached our conclusion… they are stuck in the past, motivated by greed and remain visionless and clueless! 

It’s a shame Edo state is not blessed with a vibrant, visionary and knowledgeable opposition in the form of APC. In a futile attempt to sound knowledgable and because they don't know, they resort to catchy headlines and empty rhetoric.

One of their assistants, a butterfly, who thinks himself a bird, sits in a dingy office and rolls out press statements he is too arrogant to ascribe to his principal or the state chairman, obviously making assertions that are personal to him. 

Clearly his lack of vision, consultation and ignorance are always manifest in his write ups and we will be doing Edo state and her people a disservice if we do not advice Edo people on the worthlessness of the rantings and ramblings of the Assistant State Publicity Secretary of Edo APC. As the public is advised to be wary of APC anti-people rhetoric, the All Progressives Congress

(APC) in the state is hereby advised to stop making spurious, irresponsible and unsubstantiated claims that betray the bitterness, delusion and angst in them.

Opposition politics requires intelligence, tact and not childish tantrums!

On his latest tirade on the government of Edo state, apart from showing his awareness and acknowledgment for the Governor’s infrastructural developmental strides by listing several innovative projects of the government, some completed while some others are ongoing, he exhibited his hatred and betrayed his bias when he condemned a perfectly good vision and preliminary assessment for viability or otherwise of an Airport project. For Edo state to develop, we have to think outside the box. The era of stereotype governance and cluelessness ends with the APC federal government in 2023 and cannot be enthroned in Edo by the likes of an assistant state publicity secretary desperately seeking for attention.

In his futile attempt to sound knowledgeable, he threw in the policy of airport concessions which he obviously doesn’t understand and called his APC Federal Government incompetent and a failure! 

Edo people believe in the vision of Governor Obaseki. Over the last 12 months, he has not only shown capacity in the management of the resources and finances of the state but in the design of a master plan that will become a road map to a prosperous future. 

We must highlight and report some of the successes of our Governor and Government: The employment schemes going on, revamping and reforming of the state civil service, the prompt and uninterrupted payments of salaries and pensions, the Gelegele seaport construction, numerous roads’ construction, AAU reform, the COVID-19 pandemic successes recorded, the EdoBest program, the successful hosting of the National Sports Festival that has been described as the most successful ever and of course the relatively peaceful and secure state Edo has become. We also have the Ossiomo Power plant, Edo refinery, the Health insurance scheme, the Benin Central Park and the ultra modern school of nursing and health sciences. These are some of the reasons we are in government. 

We encourage the Governor and government to continue to be creative, continue to have vision as Edo State deserves more! 

Governor Godwin Obaseki and PDP will continue to deliver on good governance! 

It’s obvious, the Resetting Edo Agenda is causing serious discomfort for APC.

Chris Osa Nehikhare


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